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Sunil Dutt (Guest)
Congratulations for correct prediction
Sir, Pranam It was the pratantar dasha of Makar in main dasha od Dhanu[ Rise and fall] and anter dasha of Meena.The char dasha has worked perfectly in the chart of the nation. From Makar Amk Mercury is in 6H with GK Mars aspected by BK Saturn tells the story. 10H from Makar is aspected by AK is not good for the health of the country. KL is aspected by the Mars and Saturn showing the dominance of army in Egypt. Regards
Bharat Maheshwari (Guest)
This is a fantastic prediction. As I write this, on 11 February 2011, I am still hearing the news of Hosni Mubarak's resignation. When these protests had started out, I along with a lot of others considered Egypt a case quite different from Tunisia. It was then difficult to imagine that an established regime like Mubarak's would fall like this. Even as recently as today morning there was some talk of the Army backing him, which made his exit seem difficult. It is quite remarkable for anyone to have been able to give a prediction of his departure in the very early stages, defying established beliefs and conventional wisdom.
sreeram_srinivas (Guest)
Many of my egyptian friends were candid in their views that this was coming for they are tied of corruption ( more than Indian scams), Egypt secretly tying with Arab's common enemy Israel - gas supplies at subsidy, industrialization with products components from Israel (condition of USA for allowing selling in their country) selling Egypt's oil reserves to Western countries, the continuous falling of Egyptian Pound ( very similar story to our country - total financial mismanagement & creating bigger mess). Two years before they said Mubarak wants dynasty to continue through his son's nomination, which Egyptians are tired of..... hope we have similar rallies against Congress or Rahul....both do not have any more credibility other than puppeting other's view..for they have NO independent views themselves.
Connecting the events through the astro charts - is Sri Rao.K.N. forte.....
Nellie Nikolova (Guest)
Excelent notebook for country's horoscope analyses
Dear Sir,
Your astrological analyses is a notebook for country's analyses.

I remember what happend in 1989, while having similar oppositions Saturn- Jupiter, my country Bulgaria was affected a lot - that causes the end of the Communist regime- the revolution... and Bulgaria's Lagna was Capricornus. Does it mean that the pressure will escalate depending on exact oppoistion date?
Your Bulgarian friend
your fervour student (Guest)
Pranam Shri KN Raoji
i have and still enjoyed your piece well search knowledge, it is always a pleasure to follow your learning and coherant steps. This situation in magrebh (north africa) has been steamed for a century, which now educated people cant rely on their priest, imam, councillor to tell them how to read a newspaper. They may be illetred from previous lineage but young generation have access to their intelligence and media.

Being part of this culture, i am glad that they have making their voices heard. changes are needed.

on a personal note, i have read your books on Jaimini techniques including your researchers such as S Malhotra and still fascinating to see deep details still after reading many times those impressive tools. Cant let them go


M.S.Sharma (Guest)
Very good perspective
Respected KN Rao Garu
This is what I wrote in the Jyotishgroup on Jan 29, 2010. Research on ex-post events such as these offer important predictive hints of the future that is potentially unfolding.

Egypt and Mubarak
President Mubarak came to power as President on October 7, 1981, when Saturn was in Virgo at 19 degrees. Now Saturn is around the same degrees. With Jupiter in Pisces this time rather than Virgo, it is clearly a bad transit. He was born on May 4, 1928. I am inclined to give him Gemini lagna, although there could be other possibilities. In his current Venus dasa and Mercury bhukti and Shani transit, it appears his end is close if not imminent. I am basing my analysis not on his lagna, but other factors. Take a look at Egypt's Chaitra shukla pratipada chart for 2011. This falls on April 3, 2011 with Leo lagna, events get crystal clear. To me it appears that President Mubarak's bad time will become worse After April 3, 2011 and even bad after June 10, 2011. It appears that he will have a tough time hanging on to power in summer 2011. The great Saturn will deliver its verdict on his presidency before Shani moves to Swati nakshatra sometime for sure in 2012.

Rohit Singh (Guest)
A Gem for students of astrology
These are the pearls from the sea of astrology
Found: 7
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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