DREADFUL YEAR 2007 Reviews
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Rishi (Guest)
An impending Stock market crash ?!!
It has been predicted that this Saturn with Ketu will also result in an end to our stock market bull run and we might we experiencing massive crash.

Many transits are similar to the combinations which occured in Harshad Mehta time. It is a known fact that Rao Sir predicted the 1987 stock market crash, maybe he could publish that article on the site.

According one astrology book, When Jupiter connects to Rahu (transit or natal) it leads to fall and Jupiter with Ketu leads to rise in price.

I took the chart for Reliance (8th May 1973 ; 1400 hrs) then it looks like Jupiter in transit is contacting Rahu. This should be a heavy fall and a fierce correction in JAN 2008.

Combined with a saturn / ketu, there seems to be an impending crash very soon.
Rohit (Guest)
Simply the best
Rao saheb rocks!!
His command over astrology is second to none. There are bad times ahead and the best way to minimise the effects is to pray to God and do good deeds.
anil (Guest)
good job

Rajeev (Guest)
Today there has been moderate earthquake around Delhi-UP region.Is there chance of a big trembler this winter?What do the stars fortell?
Found: 4
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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