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DDas (Guest)
2012 ...
Reading this article in 2012 and have been smiling all long. Ancient knowledge can't be fake .. probably we don't yet have proper understanding. Entire article was so wrong.
Abhijeet Dawar (Guest)
Sir, really very much in interest of our country, all should take benefit of your such indepth knowledge.
nanda (Guest)
Respected Guruji,

After reading the article The gold & astroloy which you had written earlier has come out 100% perfect and upon your article i have made some substantial amount of money in the gold investment. It is a really a great skill and God's gift which has given you this power of predicting the rate of gold which a normal man cannot. I really look forward for your further more predictions on the future elections and any other products or issues which would be of great help to the people.
bubbles70 (Guest)
Dear Sir. There has been recnet concern about the future of the US dollar and the fear that it might be non existent and be replaced by some thing called the Amero in the near future and its claimed that it would happen overnight. If it happens like that it would be a disaster. Can you shed somelight on this possiblity
Mr & Mrs Ankolekar (Guest)
Yes, we are in profit
Dear Shankarji,

When we read this article in August, we didn't make any comment but simply purchased gold and kept quiet to wait and watch your prediction. We couldn't stop ourself to convey our gratitude to you for this wonderful prediction. Yes we are in profit Today :)

Mr & Mrs Ankolekar
hamendra (Guest)
Dear sir,

Thanks for posting this article.I live in UK and sometimes trade commodities and other financial markets.I once met a very famous american trade here who trades Silver based on movements of the Moon.When I enquired further he told me it was based on vedic astrology.Another famous trader of yesteryears...W.D gann made most of his famouse predictions using astrology from 1905---1960. He is considered to be the best trader of all times.

This tells us that vedic astrology has a lot of potential for predicting price movements, however if this is ethically correct to do so or not is a matter of debate.

s kumar (Guest)
Nice analysis
Dear Sankar ji
Nice to see your analysis on gold. The recent fall in gold prices hints that the cycles continues and it can be predicted using astrology. I wonder if I was in touch with you around 5 years back when I was a students at Tata institute Bangalore and I met you online.
Because I remember the person with same name lived in ----. Although I had his phone number and address but could not visit him.I was so unfortunate at that time to have missed you. Presently I am in Mumbai working in academia as a teacher.
Dr Gogna (Guest)
Guide line for investment
Joytish vidhya can be really used as a good guide. This prediction/article can be used in the public interest.

Thanks, give some prediction about the black gold as well. What is the future of petrol price.

Found: 8
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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