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Kamal rastogi (Guest)
Very logical findings provides anew direction to think and lineage to research
I expect all metals may be linked in the sameway if you makeup your mind in future
Srinivasa Iyer (Guest)
One correct prediction means nothing
These days, every astrologer in India is doing research. He examines a few horoscopes and comes up with his own theory. That is why, predictions based on recent astrology books (based on so called research) rarely come true. So I suggest astrologers to make predictions using ancient books by Parashara and others. I have gone through many astrology books published before 1950's and I have never seen any relationship between gold prices and jupiter's Brihat Samhita does not come true all the time. According to Brihat Samhita, if a malific aspects or conjuncts the new moon, the prices of metals should fall. The saturn was conjucting the new moon (and sun) that occurred around Sept 18th. Commodities did not fall subsequently. However, I still trust Brihat Samhita because majority of times predictions based on it tend to come true. So forget about new research unless you are Parashara.
Johnny (Guest)
How to Learn?
It's good article which could certainly have helped our nations makes huge profits, if someone in authority had it accessible and power+authority to carry out such a task.

Dear Mr Rao, has any book ever been written on how to calculate prices of commodities such as this one, Gold? You mentioned tha Brihat Samhita has certain details about this but I wonder if it would talk about it in detail for today's astrologer to understand.
Chandu (Guest)
accurate analysis!
As per Sri C.S Patel Ji, i read in some article) When Jup transit over Rahu there's huge increase in SILVER price! could you please shed some light on this as well?
JV (Guest)
You can now post for 2009-10 again so that the results will be verified over 2 years time.
raman kumar (Guest)
well researched
I was a great article which could benefit all.
nanda (Guest)
Amazing prediction
Your predictions are really fantastic. I have made some good amount of money after investing on gold as per your earlier prediciton. It is really a Greatskill and God's gift for you. Looking forward for your predictions on some product or issues which would help the people.

shivaprakash udupi (Guest)
amezing calculation in astrology
I never thought astrology has got so much potential and depth. miracle
balaji (Guest)
Amit Gupta (Guest)
An Eye Opener

Indeed an excellent article which is certainly going to be a guidance for many of the small and big investors.
Found: 14
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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