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C.M. Sharma (Guest)
He alone has the power to break open the arcane of pseudo astrologers.
SS (Guest)
True indeed
Yes mothers are deeply attached to their the point that they place themselves in the most vulnerable position and make themselves a target for manipulation. But who can blame the mothers..because as the old saying goes 'God makes mother to fill his absence' and I believe that mothers are the ones that have unconditional love for their children. I want to say that Iam talking about the mothers who have best interests of their kids in mind and not their vested interests. If only half the astrologers are as honest as Sri Rao astrology would be even more respected and recognized.

Satya S Kolachina (Guest)
Excellent facts of Life
Dear Sri Rao garu, Namaste.

I am just adding here my experience. Nowadays, the current generation of Indians are no less than Westerners in asking for physical proof of existence of GOD. It is unfortunate, but it is very much true to my experience with many Indian youngsters that I meet.

Satya S Kolachina
MS (Guest)
Beautiful and excellent indeed !
The article was eye opener for many. True !!Geat Mahatmas predict or say things with their true vison and foesight. But it is difficult to find them these days. Self had experienced only the Kanchi Paramacharya here. But even they do not claim any knowledge of astrology or speak about planetery influences !! Indeed.

About Moha for children- true the mother has deep rooted bond and affection for her children. It is rather vatsalya and not MOHA!!Mothers cannot be detahced to their children - Rao saab should understand this. Mothers- affection, guidance and blessings are required for any child, as protection. One cannot cut off that deep rooted bond and live like saints. A chidl may neglect parents, father may neglect family, but very rarely u may come across a mother who does not care for her child. Rao saab would have experienced this himself, Hence to call it as Moha Or desire- Sorry I do not agree with you Rao Saab !! .
D.Ramakrishnan (Guest)
Very nice articles for others to infuse confidence.
Yes. The faith in God and faith in oneself is the essence of life. Faith in oneself is that he is Atman himself and and he is part of that Paramatman.
Found: 5
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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