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Deerlike Rabbit (Guest)
Dear Rao Saheb,

What do you recommend to those 'unfortunates' like me who do not have mother ? Somebody who's lost his 'mother' in childhood and have never experienced any form of protectiveness, guidance or motherly love, what should they do ?
Renuka Prematillake (Guest)
"As it grows up, it should be allowed to have its independence and mothers should understand that everyone is born with his own karma, karma samskaras and fate" -

Exactly, Sir. I wish all mothers including myself would realize it. Yet, is it not mother's own karma that makes it difficult for her to detach from her grown up child at the right time? The path to 'truth' will be engulfed in the mist called 'moha' until both the mother & the child are released from their past karmas. Sadly, a long way to go and many lessons to learn. Yet it is the only way. The sooner we realize it, the better.

On the other hand, can we conclude that the Western mother is more intelligent since, it is the practice of the Western mother to give total independence to her children in late teens or early twenties? Although ignorant of Karma theory is she not doing the right thing? I am refering to Western families who bring up thier children with much love and care and not those who neglect their duties toward children from the birh itself.
Found: 2
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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