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Hari (Guest)
A query on Mrityunjaya mantra
Would it be generalized to consider the Mrityunjaya mantra chanting for all adverse dasha/antardasha irrespective of specific astrological considerations? Slso the mantra par excellence in Vedas seem to be the Gayatri mantra. Many have cited the efficacy of this mantra in overcoming accidents and other dieasters. Has Parasara rishi or any other authority in Jyotish provided suggestions towards reciting Gayatri mantra as a remedy?
sunil (Guest)
How I wish, hope and pray that KN Rao ji is acceccsible to all those in difficulty and decision making becomes tricky
Ram (Guest)
Faith and surrender
When we are in a grave situation then we become a pessimist and start thinking negatively, loose hope and live in fear and many times loose our will to live which further makes the situation worse. Saying Mantras keeps your mind focussed, weans you away from thinking negatively and most importantly this is an indication of surrender to the eternal divine. When this happens everything happens according to the will of the divine .This again does not guarantee instant success but one will realise eventually that this is not only the best course of action but the only course of action
sreeram_srinivas (Guest)
It is an excellent combination of Faith, Medical & Remedies of astrology. Astrology lacks institutional support from all fields to do a thorogh research work ..people from accounts & financial can help in predicting stock markets..etc..
A very good real example.
Found: 4
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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