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Vivekadhara (Guest)
Crystal Clear Excellent Work
:) Dear Rao garu

I have been following your article series on Eternal India.Only one word simply excellent and crystal clear . :) Please dont stop writing ...many of us follow your articles . Right from your struggle with the supreme court over the issue of astrology as a science to articles like these, cannot thank you enough for always doing the right thing.

You are absolutely right on the transformation happening in india vis a vis the channels behaviour and the so called secular messiahs who will soon destroy the very fabric that gave birth to them...

I feel the seeds were laid a long long time ago .....But sometimes wonder is this the collective destiny of this nation....

Often I wonder on Freewill and reminded of a talk by the Kanchi Paramacharya given to a student ...below is the link ,also am pasting the matter...

I would love to hear your views on this in any further article on Eternal India .

The Riddle of Fate and Free-Will Solved

(A dialogue between His Holiness Shri Chandrashekhara Bharati

Mahaswami and a Disciple): [His Holiness was the Sringeri Mathadhipati


H.H. : I hope you are pursuing your studies in the Vedanta as usual?

Student : Though not regularly, I do make some occasional study.

H.H. : In the course of your studies, you may have come across many doubts.

Student : Yes, one doubt repeatedly comes up to my mind.

H.H. : What is it?

Student : It is the problem of the eternal conflict between fate and free-will.
What are their respective provinces and how can the conflict be

H.H. : If presented in the way you have done it, the problem would baffle
even the highest of thinkers.

Student : What is wrong with my presentation? I only stated the problem and
did not even explain how I find it to be a difficult one.

H.H. : Your difficulty arises in the very statement of the problem.

Student : How?

H.H. : A conflict arises only if there are two things. There can be no

conflict if there is only one thing.

Student : But here there are two things, fate and free-will.

H.H. : Exacly. It is this assumption of yours that is responsible for your

Student : It is not my assumption at all. How can I ignore the fact that the

two things exist as independent factors, whether I grant their
existence or not?

H.H. : That is where you are wrong again.

Student : How?

H.H. : As a follower of our Sanatana Dharma, you must know that fate is
nothing extraneous to yourself, but only the sum total of the
results of your past actions.

As God is but the dispenser of the fruits of actions, fate,
representing those fruits, is not his creation but only yours.
Fre-will is what you exercise when you act now.

Student : Still I do not see how they are not two distinct things.

H.H. : Have it this way. Fate is past karma; free-will is present karma.
Both are really one, that is, karma, though they may differ in the

matter of time. There can be no conflict when they are really one.

Student : But the difference in time is a vital difference which we cannot
possibly overlook.



MS (Guest)
Eternal India - zindabad
In thisi age of Fake Gurus and swamjis with questionable charecter, It would be difficult to come across Vanaprastham and Sanyasi level of Ashrama among common men .Nevertheless, the common man will realize that true peace of mind can be attained only by following hte last two Ashramas at least duirng the last years. This itself is the greatness of Hindu Religion !!Kama, krodha madha Lobha are given up only after enjoying the same !!.Rao Saab's article teaches a lot of things. Wonder how many would follow. But it is intersting to know that many people who come to Rao saab for consultation would come with such materialistic desires. Probably they should read his articles or Rao Saab himself should advice them the futility of such desires and guide them towards higher level of thinking !!
Ram (Guest)
Eternal India is back!!!
Eternal India articles truly reflect the current cultural status of India . It is neatly written in lucid style.

I would like to add that as the average life expectancy of an individual is probably less than 70 in India, We do not live long enough to take a step towards vanaprastha or sanyasa
Concept of these stages have to be accomodated within the first two stages .

In India spirituality is derived religion and/or a means to fulfill some ulterior motive.Only for few spirituality is a step towards illumination.
Found: 3
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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