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sreeram_srinivas (Guest)
I still firmly believe that our rishis, yogis, saints & seers who have been guiding India, will see through the current onslaught of modernism in India i.e. True Indian culture would surely prevail, for it took more than 1,000 yrs for other religions to make a foot hold in India, that too at daggers end, yet culture & religion survived miraculously.
Ram (Guest)
eternal intoxication
Hindu like everybody else are materialistic . This did not come to surface until the late eighties.Last few years have seen dramatic increase in glittering shops and now the introduction of Tata Nano says it all.Now the celebration of festivals have to with vulgar display of wealth. Indians until now celebrate festivals with God in mind where as western countries celebrate with alcohol in mind. I simply cannot understand their single minded devotion to alcohol. When they are young they go to wild parties or pub and when they become old they sit at home and pour litres of alcohol down their gut.Indians on other hand are attached to their asset ,live meagerly to save for their old age die without enjoying the fruit of their labour pass the wealth to the children who do the same thing and so on . Western influence has changed this now but the bottom line is our lives are ruled by the great material wave.The difference is that westerners believe in tangible things but Indian have the belief in supernormal. This gives them strength , courage and even a sense of security. This belief will exists as long as alcohol exist in western world.
MS (Guest)
Thought provoking !!
Yes, if we do not follow tradtion in true sense, misues them and do not give right values to children who is tobe blamed? The mata, pita and Guru only. Mainly parents. Parents spend their time pursuing materialstic goals leaving children to fend for themselves. No time to even teach them the right values- atleast encourage children to watch programmes like Mahabrata, Vishnu purana and Ramayan on TV channels which telecats them. Also teach them that helping hands are better than praying lips. True -people in south lack hospitality and do not extend helping hands that easily though they may appear very religious and recite a few slokas !!. Atithi Devo Bhava is no longer valid here as nobody has time for one s own family. There should be a reniassance and reformation in India to stop all immoral activities and impart the knowldege of Hinduism in true sense !!
There is a new cult among southindian tamil brahmins who live in the US to follow Hindusim blindly and it has becom e the in thing. You can come across soft ware engineers with a tuft in the head (hair tied to a knot (jittu or kudumi )wihtout knowing why it is done , they do wear rligiously the sacred thread and chant gayatri wihtout knowing the meaning. They act as if they are following the best of both the worlds East and West but find no time to take care of their aged parents or even interact with own brother/ cousins and family circle. Culture ha salso undergone change. Quantity without quality seems to be the order fo the day !!Since reading habits have come down, may be Media and TV channels should take a step in imparting right values and our rich spiritual heritage.More websites on Hindu values and can be made available - use technology also to good use for imparting the rigth path.
Anupam kr. Datta Roy. (Guest)
common theme made interesting
I appreciate Mr. Rao for what he says.As a review perception i feel no new light in it aecept the presentation of the authhor and the underlying ever known truth. I am cutious to know how the matter of past-life karma influences the present life. for example, how a great life like swami vivekananda was cut short at 39,or why some one is born deformed. And still when some one inspite of doing good works is compelled to reap very bad fruit even if he tries hard to avoid it. If the persons are good in this life they were certainly good or they had good effort in the past life by virtue of which they get their very good mental attitude or propensity in this life. Then, even if we concede that they had done some bad deed in their previous life, how the punishment in this life becomes disproportional to the previous misdeed? And now,as per out scriptures the souls are eternal and it was devoid of any'sin/stain', it is deathless changeless with out desire and so on, then why should this soul which is infinite should ve finitely involved in a body and under go all influences of worldlyallurements adn suffer why do this eternal soul forget its eternal quality and thinks itself very mundane. Huge fhilosophical discussions are there on theis point, but I dont think these are convincing today. I like what Vivekananda said in his Chicago lecture: that when such question as to why we find discriminations by fat/ God/ in human world or if God is so kind and loving why are there so much sufferings, our sages reply with courage that we don't know.( I could not produce the exact lines)
If Mr. Rao throws light on this 'past karma and present-life-suffering relation' it would be really valuable.
Thanks and Regards,

Anupam Datta Roy, Noida-93
vishal (Guest)
pls spread your message to a larger auidence.
Kindly provide this knowledge to school children & help the next generation.
Vivekadhara (Guest)
Makes me smile all the way
:) Rao Garu

Once again a beautiful article , made me smile a lot . Words cannot express the joy and resonance feel reading most of your articles.

Well said again on the so called devotees and their behaviour many babas and gurus in every street corner ...they actually form a symbiotic relationship like a buffalo and the bird which pecks the leftovers from the buffalo's mouth and body .

The Populace wants to immerse itself in materialism but needs the spiritual sanction to cover their guilt.....Demand and Supply ...Lo behold you get the sanction from the so called X YZ Baba who traces his lineage to a mysterious himalayan line or something of that sort . The baba will forgive all their sins and all the populace can be merry....

Dowry was a huge problem in the 70's and 80's so called Cyberabad nowadays the story is the other way around...with 90% of mother in laws afraid of being ill treated by their daughter in laws.....not many mother in laws stay with their son's any more.

:) In fact I will quote the latest WHO study on Indian marriages which states that due to a shortage of females ( india was always a hyperglemic society where the female always married into a higher socal status of a man of better economic standing ) ......the girl has a field day choosing prospective grooms.

:) It is a strange turn of Karmic wheel....the forefathers who indulged in female foeticide must surely be reborn nowadays and maybe it is payback.

Either way When the Cornerstone of Society itself gets shaken ...Like you said the fetters kept the poor women traditional and the men reckless.

Nowadays most of society is reckless.

:) The true measure of a man is when he remains virtuous even when he gets a chance to deviate...not for lack of opportunity...

same way touchstone of a society is when the fetters are removed.....will it really stick to its traditions out of love and deep sincerity to the traditions or will it disintegrate.

But then again 800 yrs of continous foreign rule might have already done the damage that was done ......

:) Mahadevi Varma in one of her Hindi Novels uses the term

Hey Mere Gopalak Desh !!!!! to express the angst at the situation.

One can only wonder if she had foresight.

Pranam Vivek
Found: 6
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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