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Anil Bora (Guest)
It is a more-than-100% fact
In this Kaliyuga where "Kama-Vasana" is the only powerful thing, it is very difficult to find "Jitendriya astrologer as well as Jitendriya public" so they both are responsible for the degradation of our matchless science of Vedanga ..but I salute the thinking of astrologers like Sir K N Rao who are really very priceless assets in the filed of astrology...
Krishnan (Guest)
Jitendriya - not amongst humans
We can be almost 100% sure that we will not find a Jitendriya among humans, at least in the parts of the world that we would know.

The near impossibility in finding a Jitendriya (that too among humans) can be inferred from the fact that the Great Shri Hanuman is referred to as Jitendriya. Now, where is a human who can match that?
Siva (Guest)
Did Copernicus plaguarise?
Dear Sir,
You have said Copernicus plagiarised from Aryabhatta. Is there a proof. It is perfectly correct to say Aryabhatta arrived at the conclusion of a solar model of planetary system centuries before Copernicus. However Copernicus did something Ayrabhatta and other ancient Greek scholars that talked about similar heliocentric model did not provide.

Aryabhatta gave a detailed mathematical model and precisely and comprehensively explained the helio centric model, which was the starting point of the amazing advances in astronomy of the world in recent centuries, which is called Copernicus Revolution.

I believe we would not be doing the genius of Copernicus enough justice if we say he just plagiarised from Aryabhatta or other ancient Greek scholars that arrived at the same conclusion but didnt give elaborate mathematical models.
Acharya Padmakshaa (Guest)
Ethical Astrology!!!!!
A new era has started i.e. era of ethical astrology.I know there is a kind of fashion and fad to talk about introducing ethics in astrology by astrologers but deep within heart, they donít want it. Recently in one seminar, one of the renowned astrologers was talking about "licencing or registration" of astrologers. It should be based on strong criteria to filter out "Astroquacks". But I wonder he will himself qualify the test of registration.
Rao Sir, May I request you to impress upon the Govt. or use ur good offices to make the Govt agree for the registration of astrologers. Being the pioneer , I urge u to devise the policy guidelines which must be quite stringent.
If u agree, I may assist you in this endeavour. It should be implemented as early as possible and definitely before these quacks damage the reputation of this vedic science beyond repair.
I remember you ur quote( in person) that if a person is doing good in his vocation, then only he can do in astrology. But the truth is otherwise. If a person fails in business or service( like suspension, termination etc), he turns to astrology out of frustration. Only "Jitendriya" can become a good astrologer.

Vivekadhara (Guest)
The sad Truth of Affairs
Rao Garu

:) once again a beautiful article ...I fully agree with the views put forth on marriage and hindu customs.

Many are not aware but the original vedic society was much more open both with respect to marriage and the much distorted caste system that exists today .

Many of the Rig vedic hymns being composed by Women ....among the seers there being farmers and people from all walks of life who saw the divinity .

So with marriage too....

Today's reality as you pointed out is a mixture of the extremes with science on the one hand with its blind hatred of anything ancient ....extremely fraudulent astrologers on the other hand giving astrology a bad name ...

Ultimately the good ones probably carry the unfair share of the burden to having to prove what a beautiful science it is ...

But I guess it is a blessing to even have tasted a little of the nectar of jyotisha ...

Please do continue to write ,you always touch a chord .

India is on the verge of a huge societal shift...whether we take it for the good or for the bad only time can tell...right now the signs all round look good only for minting money for a select few (globalization ) and the utter destruction of whatever values are left.

Sad State of affairs

Found: 5
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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