HARIVANSHRAI BACHCHAN (27 NOV 1907-18 JAN 2003)--2 Reviews
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Abdol-Hussein Heidari (Guest)
Thank you very much for this good article.I'm Abdul-Hussein Heidari and this is 2 years that i study vedic astrology and love this super science very very much,also in iran there is;nt enough good book about Jyotish.i try to learn this super science from internet.
thanks and best wishes
MS (Guest)
Good Analysis and interesing topic
A good analysis of the horoscope of Harivansh Rai Bacchhan. Yes self had also lived in Allahabad for a brief period 1984- 1987 and studied there. The university took pride in Sr. Bacchhan being a lecturer there and also his poetic talent. Though Madhushala was prescribed for the hindi literature students very few enjoyed it as much as Kabirdas/ Tulsdas/or Rahimans verses in Hindi.

I remember when Amitabh contested elections form Allahabad and came for his campaigning he was hooted by the university students and staff as they preferred to hear his father and not him. Old times profs and lecturers were not keen to see Amitabh and fondly recalled their association with the Sr. Bacchhan only. I think Allahabad was one place were Harivansh Rai was known for his talent and merit and not as the father of Amitabh !!

However his horoscope of Mars and Saturn in 5th house ( A conjunction which is not considered good) does it speak of millionaire sons and famous son s/ ? Rao saab should explain this and may be an analysis of Saptamsa and Tejis horoscope will reveal this better .

A good and interesting topic indeed .

Anupam kr. Datta Roy. (Guest)
insight of an excellent literary critic
Truly, Mr.Rao has penned a facile and excellent appreciation of H.R.B's literary amelioration. He is more of a critic than an astrologer; and of course well informed critic with his knowledge of various aspects of literary theories and tenets.At the same time his syntactic constructions deserve high admiration. It is inspiring too.
I would request him to elucidate astrologically as to why existentialists look on the world like they look, with or with out god. Is it due to strong effect of Saturn influenced by Mercury?
Though they have great humanistic attitude. So, please discuss.

Thanks and regards,

Anupam Datta Roy, Noida-93

Found: 3
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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