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Ravi (Guest)
Hillary will win here is the reason why?
I know someone who has predicted in 1996 that many Indians in US will start going back to India in after 2004. He told India will become a glorious country once again after 2000. I have seen these come true. He also mentioned that if US goes into war with Iraq, US will engage in a 10 yr Diwali, no doubt in the end they will accomplish what they set out for but economically they will be so depleted that they will loose the status of world leadership. World leadership is not about who has more weapons as it used to be once, it who controls the economy. Right now US economy is in shambles but not fully yet, and Republican president who can continue same policies can accomplish that. That would be McCain. Repulicans and polls and current conditions do show that Clinton's nomination looks more favourable even though math is against her.
Krish (Guest)
Article never ended with proper conclusion
Article started with analysing if Hillary will win democratic elections or not and if she does, if she will win the presenditial election or not?
But Astrologer Shalini didn't made a proper conclusion to support the analysis.
Anupam kr. Datta Roy. (Guest)
As ordinary readers we find two contradictory predictions one supporting Obama the other Hilary.
So, what to conclude definitly astrologically? What K.N Rao concludes?
sreeram_srinivas (Guest)
A reinforcing article....good to see women astros commenting and voting for Hillary_Clinton ...... would wait for time to transit in to "present" making the prediction true.....and then to "past" for recording this event in JOA & BVB astro_prowness.
Vivekadhara (Guest)
Would Humbly Disagree
Shalini ji

I have been following the debate in the states,have also read Col gaur's article ....It looks highly unlikely that Hillary Clinton would win the democractic party nomination.

:) The numbers and the math are too high .....Even if she wins all the contests starting from now she will not have the delegate count...the popular vote is with obama who the people perceive to be a change from the era of the clinton politics.

By Perception Maybe the Arudha Lagna of Clinton could give a hint how she is perceived.

It would take a superhuman stroke of luck...She would have to atleast get a minimum delegate count of 1345 to reach the convention ....and even then if she wins all of the remaining she will still fall short.

Then she has to convince the superdelegates .....Who are leaving her in large numbers to go over the verdict of the people and vote for her.

:) If this happens ...I would be truly stunned ...I have seen previous astonishing predictions done b Shri K N rao which came absolutely true for example re election of Modi .

But in this case ...just from a mundane world point of view am going to stick my neck out and say Hillary is not going to become the nominee .

I am not sure of the accuracy of Senator Mc Cain's horoscope but he was a war veteran who is famous for his honesty and the torture he underwent in Vietnam. The republican Party has a huge machinery which can still propell him to the white house.

So on both counts am highly skeptical ...I would be most happy to be proven wrong ...I remember reading Shri K N rao's article on Nadiamsa. if a prediction without even using something as minute as that ...which runs contrary to the practical world comes true...

It will only demonstrate again the power of Astrology.


Found: 5
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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