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none (Guest)
Both, Nadal and Manuel Santana are Spaniards.
M (Guest)
indian cricket
Great prediction on Federer but any comment on why India fail again and again in the finals with the exception of T20 world cup and CB series. Any chances of a change in coming years?
James (Guest)
Birth Time of Rafael Nadal
I have found the birthtime of Rafael Nadal on an astrology website, but am not should of its correctness, and must be verified.

Rafael Nadal:
3rd Jun 1986, at 19:15, Manacor, Spain.

MS (Guest)
I read the original where the decline of Federer's career was predicted.
This has proved true again. I enjoy it,as
correct calculation shows its charisma.
But Rao saab's interest in sports and accurate predictions are too well know. Is it the on set of less powerful dasha of Federer (Mercury mercury) or the lingering effect of Satur'ns parting kick - wish Rao saab had given his analysis astrologically in more details.

Kudos to Shri Rao!
What a wonderful predictions were made from time to time by Shri KN Rao Saheb with regard to Roger Federer's career. Although I was very sad to understad the 'end' of Federer's career, I have been watching Wimbledon 2008 vis-a-vis Roger Federer with great curiosity and utter dismay until I wrote this comment. Also kudos to Vedic Astrology, which has reached its pinnacles under the guidance of 'Guruji'. May the Almighty give him a long life. With regards.
Rajeev (Guest)
Respected K.N.Raoji,

Pardon me for asking you this,it may be that I am agyani on this matter.But I have keen interest in astrology and applying it to mundane events.Was the Federer-Nadal final symbolic of the Saturn(Federer)-Mars(Nadal) graha yudha in Simha Rasi that occurs around the 11th July.In this graha yudha I learned that Saturn wins, and if so why did Federer lose?Sure these are times of turmoil and changes throughout the world and the match was expected to be terrific one which it was.Also Federer being Vishaka nakshatra and Nadal being Ashwini(date of birth acording to Wikipedia) ,the match played on Magha should have gone in favour of Federer,Magha being the Kshema tara for Vishaka and Janma for Ashwini.Kindly throw some light on this.
Ashok Gour (Guest)
Game Set and Match
Twice blessed,a "Dwij".First it was the midnight game of Grace being brutalised;and then the lyrical prose of K.N.R. Federer lost to win hearts. Nadal has the arrogance of gifted youth. It was Merc that changed signs at 1902 hrs(IST) which brought rains and the crucial break that pumped up Fedrer's game. Federer is running Mer/Mer/ven.Thank you Sir for an excellent poetic description.God bless you
Anupam kr. Datta Roy. (Guest)
commentry & analyses together
It is an example of excellent commentry and A-1 analyses. Great skill is there in the narration with all the different facts in excellent order. Its a fine reading and regrettingly but truly proving Rao's prediction true. But, one doubt still! Doesn't his improved skill speak for his further achievement in other matches in near future?
Found: 8
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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