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dennis (Guest)
Not dependable
The horoscope as presented here may be taken
as only a possibility.Of course it requires studies and experience based on the movement of atars the possibility is being pointed out. But my contention is this that the influence which the star do give, the course may be changed.
So we should not depend on this totally.
Apparently, most of the people ca guess that things are going in favor of democratic candidates.
carrie sheridan (Guest)
charts of both obamas and biden GUARANTEE win
transiting jupiter conjunct michelle obama's sun in late capricorn and then over her mars in 3 aquarius; barack moves [progressed moon over the ascendant in 18-19 aquarius] and zeus to kronos [the "great commander in chief aspect... bill clinton had it in dec 1992] exact on 28 oct; biden has saturn on the MC [resigning, leaving a position and uranus to the IC indicating a sudden and previously unexpected move]... palin has only been out of alaska surrounding her birth, 22-1/2 and 45... otherwise she will continue to live in alaska for another 20-40 years, indicating her future prospects nationally are not good... the most reliable way to predict elections is moves - in 1980, 1992 and this time it has been the CLEAR 2004 kerry won the election and it was stolen in ohio indicated by john edwards midpoint predictions "to suffer with many a hard blow of fate" in APOLLON = admetos/vulcanus
Ashwani Jagota (Guest)
Inter related destinies of President and Vice President
The topic is very hot. Like the events are seen thru different dasha. Here is an attempt to see one's fate from other's horoscope. A different approach altogether particularily if one's birth details is doubtful. Good analysis.
It seems a close finish where Obama & Joe Biden are the winners. But on the other hand, the beauty of Palin's horoscope is that 7L Jup is conjunct with exalted 9L Venus, which can turn the entire game. BOTH are running Jup MD and both are strong and have different promises.

It is excellent that new techniqes and methods are invented and tested under the guidance of great astrologer Sh. KN Rao.
rajesh betala (Guest)
Afo American triumphs
Excellent article by Col.A.K.Gour under the able guidance of Guru "Rao saheb", and as you are aware of Financial upheavls of the USA, pls try to present a analysis from Astrological perspective and i Know Guruji doesn't like financial Astrology, but as present time demands may be he may save some lives.
Found: 4
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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