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rao harsh vardhan singh (Guest)
sir ,
i appreciate your views always and this time also you wrote so well . I want to say something which annoys me very much .
Why indians want any nobel or Oscars ?
Why indians want gold medals in Olympics ?
the reality says we never can get because we never out up our own ideas , no devotion to indian culture , values have made an indian so virtual and bad that now he never feels bad to applaud a movie which shows india as poor . this makes a whole set of superstition in the people of the world
earlie rthey used to belive india is a golden bird
earlier they use dto belive india is a snake charmers country ,
then they believed india is a country of magicians
not very early they used to think india is a poor country
and oh no!
now they say india is a slum country .
where there is no pride of country , i shall never love to drink water , many times i feel ashamed of people who bring my country bad name and they applaud the film and they say "it showed the truth " , then what is the duty of an indian .
to vote politicians and get ruined .
when they know all.
why they do cheat people ,, why lies ,why left indian culture , the page 3 people would never reveal truth where they go in the night and do sins . they never want such truths to get public .
is so bad when i see indians , they flatter gandhi family , they flatter anyone , a proverb in hindi "oogtey sooraj ko sabhi pranam karte hain "
everyone salutes the rising sun .
it is our duty to help poor but how many of us help or give a job to poor .
in early times no one was poor
these invaders dutch portuguese , french muslims arabs looted india and made it poor .
now how can they come and shoot poverty in india.
and why .
is a nation's defamtion and lost pride
and alas! eeveryone cheers for the oscars and noone weeps for the drawbacks india suffers now.
what wa smy country and what they did to my motherland .

vijay prakash (Guest)
Another example of correct prediction
a good example of applying old principals for making predictions in new areas ,which are not mentioned in old texts.
ravindra sharma (Guest)
What a tricky point
the horoscope at the time of rising has been made, the queston is this horoscope is applicable for all films, then why analysis is to be applied to slumdog millionaire. is the same analysis not for all films shortlisted for the festival? pls explain
Anonymous (Guest)
Not an Indian film
Only correction I would suggest is that "It't not an Indian film"
Rajan (Guest)
With no knowledge of ASTROLOGY, it's difficult to analyze the predictions made over here but going by the result, it is incredible. When are we going to get an OSCAR for our own BOLLYWOOD flick?
gopi (Guest)
really great prediction
later on
Arun (Guest)
Angrez and Hindu
Guru Ji,

India downfall came because Hindu rulers and spiritual leaders thousand years ago were living a life of glamour and un-sprituality.

Oscar is not just glamour and entertainment. Gandhi and Slumdog proves that. The grudge or debate should be why we Indians can't make film thaot can win Oscar or are seen throughout the world.

Why Indians are so bitter and spiritualistic narcisstic ?

Whether sports or films or art they all have a place in Society.

India golden age was when artist and arts flourished.

O.P.Singh (Guest)
Once again the western cunning world be fooled the gullible Indians!Their time tested strategy is to create a hype and generate an environment in favour or disfavour of something for a few years,the greedy and hypocrite Indian media will make a huge hue & cry of this ,then eventually engulf this foolish country!
They first used this technique in beauty contests as if all of a sudden the Indian girls became beautiful overnight; similarly they made an environment for the Indian movies in the last few years,when it was ripe enough they awarded Indian poverty in the name of Slumdog!
Many good movies were made but went unnoticed.
A.R.Rahman is not a music director at all but yes he is a good musician.In the last 10-15 years English medium schools have flourished in India and the result is a change in the tastes of Indians as Lord Machaley had wanted and predicted while introducing English education.
If A.R.Rahman is a music director then what can we say about Shankar-Jaykishan,Laxmikant-Pyarelal,Noushad,Madanmohan,Roushan,Ravi,S.D.Barman,Hemant Kumar,Salil Choudhury,Kalyanji-Anandji,O.P.Naiyar,Jaidev etc, ?
y k singhal (Guest)
rao sahib's team makes astrology look so simple whereas all jargons of it look obsolete

MS (Guest)
Jai- Ho
It is indeed a wonderful analysis. But how many days prior to the event was it predicted ? The analysis VENUS (significator for entertainment) is exalted in 3H(neighbour) It means that entertainment award will be coming from out of the country, In D/9 .....again connection between 11H,6H&3H is made, 11L is in 2H with 3L aspected by 6L from 8H. (6L in 8H..forming vepreet raj yoga.).is brilliant analysis.

But personally att his time of glory I feel AR Rehman deserves Oscar but not for this song whcih is very ordinary. He has scored much better music based on classical karnatic and Hindustani Raagas which are more melodious. Gulazar saab has penned better Lyrics in some old Hindi songs.
Pray what is the reason for such mediocre things getting int recognition ? Has it got to do with the fact that it has been made by an Angrez ?
What about our own culture in the coming years ? Will Rao saab be able o throw some light on this astrologically !!
Found: 10
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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