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A. Krishnan (Guest)
Bill Clinton's health
Bill Clinton is that way extremely smart and flexible and thus his conversion to vegetarianism. He has some very close Indian friends and probably advised him about becoming a vegetarian and has done so in spite of the fact being from the south he has a very BIG appetite for everything NOT GOOD like beef, steak, meat, humburger etc etc. But being extremely intelligent and flexible he has turned his health around as I write this on Feb 2013 and so far so good on his health. Who knows if he continues to be a vegetarian and avoids and shuns all that is bad for ones health like meat etc. he may live at least 10 years more.
We all will see.
Narayan Iyer (Guest)
Prediction Correct about Health
Dear Sri KNRao ji,
Your prediction about his health has come out correct. Here's a piece from wikipedia:
In September 2004, Clinton received a quadruple bypass surgery.[188] In March 2005, he underwent surgery for a partially collapsed lung.[189] On February 11, 2010, he was rushed to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City after complaining of chest pains, and had two coronary stents implanted in his heart.[188][190] It has been widely reported that Clinton has become a vegan for health reasons

All this happened in Sat-Sat-Ketu, Sat-Sat-Ven & Sat-Ketu-Sat using Lahiri & 365.2425 days/year.
Arun Singh (Guest)
You were not wrong, GuruJi
Your prediction about Clinton's disaster in 1996 was not wrong since sometimes disaster take time to manifest themselves. When Kaurava's disrobed Draupadi their disaster manifested after 17 years during the Kurekshetra war in Mahabhartha.
Democrats have lost two election and may be this year too they will lose because of Bill Clinton.
He may be the most acclaimed speaker but his recent speeches have harmed and not helped Hillary's prospects of winning the election. ( may be he is also cursed as Karna was in Mahabhartha and he forgets his Vidya of Public speaking and utters the wrong word at the most crucial times during the political mahabharatha). Last and least, GuruJi, your first lecture as a Student I attended in the year 1991 taught me that first thing to study in any horoscopes is:"Desh, Kaal, and Patra" and applying these principles/techniques on the Clinton's chart can easily explain why his disaster didn't came in the year 1996-98.

DesH: America
Kaal: Moral and Political atmosphere
Patra: Neech Venus i.e. Lord of 9th Lord is Neech , so why he will resign as a President?

Naveen (Guest)
Prediction about Hillary Clinton
Dear RaoJi

What do you say about US Presidential elections..Would Hillary Clinton become the US President in 2008/2009 elections?


susheel (Guest)
Want more articles on businness
please predict something stock market events
Found: 5
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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