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Prashant Ranjan (Guest)
The king fell on the "grass"
Namaste Uncle,
I wrote earlier in reply of a similar article which appeared after french open final. No way, I doubted your prediction, but always felt that clay is Nadal's forte and Federer rules the grass. Nadal beating Fed-Ex on grass (although it was the best wimbledon final i have ever seen since 1981) is fructification of your prediction. Game, set and match to you again.

Prashant Ranjan
amardeep singh (Guest)
ur analysis is great aand shows about the correct way of applying the dasa of jaimini and parashara.the dasa is of makar from which amk falls in the 8 h but it also aspects the sign makar .sir u have already stated in ur articles and books that the amk when influences the 10 house from the dasa sign or the dasa sign itself causes increase in the amk influences the dasa sign makar and also the 10 from it libra sign ,will that make a rise in the career or not.please explain for the enlightenment of newcomers
Hamendra (Guest)
Dear Sir,

I am a great fan of your articles.However having read played tennis at state level I have to disagree that Federer is finished yet.I am not saying your prediction wont come true but I would like to see how this year pans out.Dojokovic is good but to say that federer gets lucky at key points smells of arrogance and not worthy of a future champion.he should be humble in defeats.Fortune favours the brave and may have faoured him but he has the guts and gumption to go for agressive shots at key points.In my opinion ,he is the greatest to have played the game ever and will show dojokoivic his true place this year.Lets wait and see what happens.

With respectand best regards.

rama gopalakrishnan (Guest)
superb analysis
pranams shri raoji
glad to see an article after a long time.
sad to hear that you were ill during this time.
our prayers for your good health as always.

this article is an excellent example of how one should analyse a chart taking the help of two dashas to come to a very solid conclusion as you have done with federer's chart. these are indeed practical lessons in astrology for me. may you get back to normal health very soon.

seeking your blessings.

sreeram_srinivas (Guest)
I appreciate Sri K.N. Rao for his incisive variations from the common doomsday predictions when they see debilitated planet. Here in this case, Roger Federer has achieved remarkable records during his Saturn mahadasha.
abha sharma (Guest)
True prediction wisely made in time proving the power of Hindu Astrology
Namaskar Sir,
I wanted to congratulate you for again making a very wise and timely prediction and making the rationalists believe in Hindu Astrology.
For the last one month you had been very ill and we all were praying for your good health. It made me happy to see your latest article after a long time assuring me that your health has become a bit better if not all right. I wish and pray to make you well soon and as happy and healthy as earlier.

Warm Regards
Yours affectionately,
Found: 6
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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