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Deepak Singh (Guest)
Blunt in Speech and Blunt in Writing
It is a great blessing to learn from him and great human being. Being his student has been one of my greatest blessing in life. He tell you what the truth is .This helps in life as you know the reality and can try to change it.
Great Writer
SD (Guest)
I have a new respect for Shree K.N. Rao for being so "on the ball" on the social issues, same as he is own astrological analysis...
I commend Shri Rao for a very well written analysis of the "double standards" practised by these "firangis" for so long.
Sree (Guest)
Right on the money!
It is a weird thing that the White Man with his inherent "White Man's Burden" wants to apply it to the rest of the world. Indians never had anything to do with portraying a black man as sub-human. We never addressed a black man as "Porch Monkey". When I first came to the US, this was the first thing I observed. I was seeing racism and I understood what that meant to the other side.

I wrote a long e-mail to Tim May the President of the player's association with the exact same comments as Mr. Rao. The problem is most Indians dont even understand where these guys are coming from. Most Indians dont have a perspective of the Slavery problems in North America or the Killings of Aboriginals by the Aussies.

We consider ourselves way above these types of voilence and we condemn the killings by our upper caste people.

Symonds for all practical purposes would be a white man that does not look like other white men for most Indians. They wouldnt even know about his west indian origin or his mixed race background.

If you listen to Channel 9 commentary here in the US you clearly understand how poor Aussies are when they lose. They were constantly going back to the decision that Gilchrist got when he was given out in the recent game. They never talked about the decision Viru got!

Just hipocracy of the race.
prashant Tewari (Guest)
Good Insight, quite a coverage in terms of time

Renuka Prematillake (Guest)
"I thank Bhajji who provided so much relief with a doosra which even Muthiah Muralitharan will envy him for. And of course Arjuna Ranatunga be the happiest Sri Lankan now"

Exactly. If not for Arjuna raising his finger to those racial Australians, Muralitharan will be no where near his record breaking feat. Sir, I wish and hope that we are gifted with people who think and write like you.

It was only yesterday that eggs were thrown at Muralitharan & crown in Australia by some fanatics. This is how they come out with their inferiority complex!

Blessings for good health and long life to you , sir.

Ravi (Guest)
Cricket or any Game is not a war
I think game should not treated as a war. But it should be played to built good relationship among all countries.
Kumar (Guest)
Nice article & Get well soon Sri.K.N.Rao
Nice article & to know more details of olden days of cricket and racism then.

ICC is a joke. Indian cricket board did the right thing.

I sincerely wish that Sri. K.N. Rao will be back to Normal Health soon.

Rohit (Guest)
Satyamev Jayate
If sports are treated as war, then everything is fair. If Aussies are using sledging or mental tactics to weaken their opponents, any other team can do the same. If they report an incident, any other team can. The issue arises when the judgement is racist. I fully support Bhajji in giving it back. However, the umpiring row should not have been raised - if you have the winning power, then you can win with, without or inspite of the umpires. Decision go wrong both ways. India should have filed a complaint on excessive appealing/ umpiring.
Anupam kr. Datta Roy. (Guest)
monkey business
It is a fine criticism of the Australian crecketers and their attitudes.Thanks to the repartory of Mr. Rao that he let the cat out of bag.
All these monkey businesses reminds me of a joke by a bengali writer. It goes like this: Once a person called a minister 'monkey'. The minister obviously irritated filed a law suit against the man. The man was tried at the court, and the judge pronounced him guilty and he was fined. The man promised to pay it. After that he asked the judge,"Sir I called the minister a 'monkey'and I was wrong; well, if I call a monkey a 'minister' is it objectionable?" The judge said that it was not objectionable. then the man came down from his dock approached the minister and said to him" Namaste Mantree ji", and went away.
Found: 9
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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