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AXM (Guest)
Federer wins the Australian open
Dear Rao sab,
I clearly remember you predicting that federer will certainly retire by 2010 and that his empire will collapse 2009 onwards. Not only did he have a great 2009, winning the French for the first time, he regained his number 1 rankings. He has just started 2010 with winning the Australian. I think there is definitely some inaccuracy in your prediction, and hopefully federer can keep winning and prove your prediction wrong.

Probodh Sinha
federer fan (Guest)
Though I have great respect for vedic astrology, i think the title of this article "federer flops' is a little demeaning to the great humble and hardworking person that federer is..mr rao.this is not expected from you....and least u forget your predictions will also have flaws...The almighty God has the ultimate laughs...nothing is impossible with sole dedication and hard work...God will throw in that gauntlet just to have that element of suprise...i have analysed his horoscope and there is that suprise elment.....God bless federer
Achal (Guest)
Does this prediction hold?
He has recently won the french Open and has become the greatest player ever. I think his game is good enough to give him at least 2 grand slams more. I am really looking fwd to an article from you to explain this anomaly in your prediction
achal (Guest)
He just one the US open
This does mean that with your hard work and dedication you can win even when your stars are not alligned that well...I think you write your own fate to great extent.
janhavi (Guest)
Is it not possible to recover from this decline?
Prashant Ranjan (Guest)
As always ....game,set and match to you
Namaste Uncle,
As always your prediction came true. I read your original article and was a bit baffled that how come Federer is in final??
But the way he lost the match, it is surely an ominous sign of his downfall. Wimbledon will be an acid test for him.
A couple of observations about Saturn in Leo. Holland thrashing Italy ,it last happened 30 years ago when Saturn was in leo.
A rich shorter version of cricket coming into existence despite the opposition from ICC. It happened earlier, 30 years ago with Kerry Packer.
Are these two inctances a mere coincidences or there is an astrological explaination for that??
Pal (Guest)
Lets wait
He just now came out of mono and made huge progress. His final result is same as his previous yrs where he lost to Nadal. Lets wait until end of this yr whether his career is over or its reviving after his disease.
James (Guest)
Further analysis
As previous mentioned, Federer has moved from the major dasha of Saturn, involved in Rajayogas, into the major dasha of Mercury, involved in no powerful yogas.

Even though the sub-sub dasha of Ketu is good, the sub dasha of Mercury in the 12th house, specify loses. It is clear the sub-sub dasha cannot override the sub-sub dasha of ketu.
Vow! What a prediction long before!
Sir, An exemplary astrologiocal follow up on the future of Roger Federer's tennis career? I have been regularly watching Roger Federer's performance since long vis-a-vis Rao Saheb's predictions. It is Vedic astrology which can only enter even unpenetrable areas. Kudos to it. Regards.
s kumar (Guest)
ecellent prediction
Having read your earlier article, I was waiting for the result of this match. I was bit surprised with Federer made it for the finals. But I was looking forward to the outcome of this match. And the outcome was already decided by the Super power and kudos to you once again.

Found: 11
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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