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Dr Gogna (Guest)
Another true prediction
Rao Sir's predictions are most of the time correct and are eye openers.Here I would like to comment on the conjunction of Mars and Sat in Simha fourth house of India's Horoscope w.e.f 23rd June08 and now in the same navamsha could have been more disastrous. This could be Jupiter's saving grace,ninth aspect from Dhanu.( As told by Rao sir in his old Mandane prediction).

vishal khandelwal (Guest)
i find the article very interesting and honestly more accurate in predication.

now days this mangal and shani dasha is changing . whether this is going to any disaster for general public. Could do throw any light on this. Nowdays dialy in tv this is appearing . from10 july 26 days are going to be very painful for all the public.

please give ur gods advice

vishal khandelwal

murtyvonna (Guest)
No astrologer can wright better than MR KN Rao
I am too small to wright or comment on MR KN RAO. He is a tall figure in Vedic Astrology and he mostly comes out successful in his predictions
MS (Guest)
Wimbledon PS.No clear India !!!
Wimbledon predictions has ended with accurate predictions and a good PS. But what awaits India ? Rao Saab himself should see the writing on the wall and may be re emphasize his predictions though he has been candid enough to admit that his prediction in the month of May did not fructify !!I for one believe that in the absence of accuarte data it is diffcult to make correct prediction but still Rao Saab's predictions fructify though it may take some time !! the seeds for this shaky Govt to fall has been sown. With politics becoming more and more murkier why blame astrologers for predictions going wrong ? With PMK walking out of DMK, The left pulling out and SP joining in the the whole scene is ridiculous.
What happened to Eternal India ? Please give meaning ful articles like this. Politics is absoultely boring and irritating !! Honestly it does'nt make any difference whether Manmohan Singh is the PM or L.K. Advani!!
Found: 4
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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