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Visvanath (Guest)
Get over it, it's Kali Yuga
Not to be pessimistic but it's kali yuga. I don't think Raoji should really waste his time trying to defeat the rationalists anymore. I think his time would be better spent writing on the various secrets of Jaimini astrology as well as the astrology of spirituality.

Moreover, those who have enough pious merits (sukritis) from previous lifetimes of good deeds and sadhu-seva will automatically have faith in the vedas and their corollaries the vedangas, one of which is Jyotish. To try and convince people who simply do not have the sukrti to understand these sacred sciences is a waste of time and futile. God will guide those who are sincere to the right place.

Personally, while the sports atricle does have an audience, I sincerely would like to see more of the secrets of Jyotish dealing with spirituality and the lives of saints rather then read about Fedrer. I wish Rao could write a sequel to his books Yogis, astrology and the wheel of time -- His best book in my opinion. Perhaps he could share with us some of the pastimes of the contemporary sadhus and saints among us instead of leaving us wishing and dreaming for those yogis and saints of yore.

Hari Om Tat Sat.
MS (Guest)
Rao saab has been emphasizing about fraudulent astrologers in his various writings.
Recently two reports from the National dailies have been disturbing. A lady in Maharashtra handed over an astrologer to the police for threatening to take more money form her . The poor lady had already lost Rs 20000 to this astrologer. When he demanded another 30, 000 she refused and was threatened with dire consequence – that he would play havoc in their lifes by using her horoscope—She reported to the local police and got him arrested. Is it possible to play havoc by some Tantra or Mantra with one’s horoscope ? Rao saab can throw some light on this. !!I have not read any article by Rao saab dealing with this aspect - a misuse of Astrology

In kerala an astrologer was beaten up soundly by a woman and the public at large when he allegedly tried to misbehave with her. Such quacks and frauds have brought bad name to astrology. The Dasa Chidra analysis of Rao saab and Fedrer sliding down was wonderful indeed.But still astrology as a science is not acceptable by scientist and the so called rationalist. Rao saab in his life time should try to bring them round the corner
Astrology gaining respectability among the educated and literate classes is more important. This would to a large extent do away with quacks in the field.

Found: 2
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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