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rajesh betala (Guest)
Royal background
Guruji pranams, and should i say its a yorker like Ishant or a spinner from Bhajji, you have clean bowled everyone, the above article is /of -- & his son --, but pls throw some light on thr Economic situation of the world along with US & India implications .
ram (Guest)
In a nutshell
Raoji has repeatedly demonstrated use of dasa systems effectively with a sound methodology and common sense.If current period is bad and ones to come in the future do not show a rosy picture then this can determine the trend.This level of details are overlooked by astrologers. I have several books of Raoji and I am amazed by the depth of research but It would be appreciated if someone could write a book or anyone could write an article or book that demonstrates judging 1-12 house using a single horoscope from parasara and jaimini's angle using both classical principle and modern approach using navamsha ,divisional charts and timing events using popular dasas like vimshottari,ashtottari,yogini,chara,sthira,kalachakra
dasa along with transits and ashtakavarga .Strength of planets also taken into consideration. This will demonstrate level of details required to predict one horoscope to give it a very high success rate.this will be like a summary.
Dr. Akhilesh Singh (Guest)
Good but without birth data inadequate to verify
Articles without birth data can not be assessed by learning astrologers, and so they can not verify the truth underlying the analysis.
sreeram_srinivas (Guest)
Yes, recall this bureaucrat becoming a successful, but now a failed politicians due to bad deeds of his son. The chart is familiar. This chart is a classic case of son's action bringing father's reputation down.... Another similar case was of Mr. Sunil Dutt/Sanjay Dutt.
Found: 4
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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