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Vasanthi (Guest)
So True!.
"This favourable period continues during the coming Wimbledon contest".

We all saw it come true yesterday!
Sir, Among the so called Astrologers who reel away a number of “guessology” predictions and pick one amongst them and high light that as “My Prediction which came true”, you are so different!. In one of the articles “Value of Honest advise in Astrology” you have mentioned that you are not an astrologer. I beg to differ in my opinion.
You are the world’s BEST and FINEST Astrologer!.

Nityanand (Guest)
Sehwag's lagna must be Tula
I feel that , Sehwag's Lagna might be Tula ( Instead of Leo) due to the following
1) If the lagna is tula , then the chart will be full of Rajayogas. The conjunction of Venus , Mars, Mercury ( in the Lagna itself ), is a very good Rajayoga for Tula lagna.And Saturn will be yogakaraka both from Lagna as well as exalted moon.
2) Since he is a sportsman, the 6th house (the house of competition, sports etc) has been given more emphasis both from moon as well as lagna. Presence of Ketu/Rahu axis in 6-12 houses , gives success against competition as well as frequent foreign tours during Rahu Dasha.
3) The 6th lord is exalted in the house of profession.
4) The presence of Mars in the lagna explains his boldness and daredevilry in attempting such shots with such an aggressiveness.
5) The presence of Sun in the lagna explains the 'baldness' at such an early age.
Mohit Virmani (Guest)
Namesta Rao Saab
Pranaam Rao Saab,Sir if ur Dasha Lord is not good houses in D-1and becomes good in D-10 so wat will the results sir plz guide..Thanks Sir Mohit
Pal (Guest)
Lets wait and see
I read Shri Rao's previous post about Federer. From then, I am keenly watching. For me, its the fight between freewill and fate. I had/have somuch confident that, federer's hardwork will prevail. He had mono which is a dangerous disease. He is cured now. Lets wait and see until 2010 to see which won. Fate or Freewill?
Col Gour (Guest)
0ne more to be number one
In the crystal clear environment of Seattle your article becomes more educative and incisively admirable. Aug 2010 gives him a chance to win another grand slam if Nadal permits.Thank you for a lovely evening.
Achal (Guest)
Federer in 2010
For me if federer for sure retires in 2010, which I don't see happening, is when this prediction holds good.
Found: 6
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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