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Nirmesh (Guest)
K N Rao Sir is a great teacher.God blessed me to be his disciple and I learnt how to study astrology and how to predict. He is a great teacher and one person who actually teaches jyotish which otherwise so many people do not teach it
vishal panday (Guest)
way of doing astrology
i think this is one of the best artilcle which everybody should read ....not because of prediction analysis but because it actually shows how to reach to the prediction................Really if you go through all these available and tested methods(chara dasa and gemini angle,condiional dasa,divisional charts upto D-16,transit) are bound to get accurate predictions
thanks .....Mr RAO........................really you have revived astrology in our times
Robert Koch (Guest)
Concise KN Rao Jyotish
I've always admired Rao Saheb's very clear, concise, and consistent methodologies in predictive Jyotish. He is right, too much of detailed Jaimini and so many un-researched techniques cloud the mind of astrologers and do not yield accurate predictions anyway. Sri KN Rao never deviates from the technique and clear approaches he teaches, and his results are equally consistent as well. Keep on writing Mr. Rao! You are a Moon in the sky of Jyotish, where there are so many stars.
Basab Roy (Guest)
Very nice article
Enjoyed reading the article immensely.
ashok (Guest)
excellent dasha results prediction after correlating many systems
It is a case of perfect correlation of so many systems of astrology being researched and taught to thousands of students by sri K.N.RAO.
I have very similar conditions at present.My DOB is 06 oct 1952,TOB is 1405,and POB is ORAI(UP). Is some promotion expected in near future as in case of Nehra.
saurabh (Guest)
astrology works.....!!!
dear sir as i knw u hv given a lot to the world by yr predictions once again the country needs u as u knw about the prediction given by the meteorology dept. fr the MONSOON we all want to know yr prediction plz sir make it fast........
best wishes
Manoj Kumar (Guest)
Yogakaraka + Yogas at work
Shri Rao Sir ,

I just learned a few things some time back from your book "Astrology desitiny and wheel of Time" This is one of the very few books (2 or 3 that I have ever read) rest two authored by you . I have not even see BHPS that you have mentioned many times in your books .But just with Astrology Destiny and wheel of Time , I could arrive at some stunning predictions for some of my friends .If only I had your email ,I wish ,so eager to share my prediction of one of them!

Looking at Nehra`s horoscope from your book , Venus is great benefic for Capricon Lagna , very well placed with lords of Angles as well as Quadrants forming laxmi yogas as per your book ! The same venus is lord of third and 8th in Dashamsha , is that a cause of worry ? Or is third lord period good for sportsman ,since sports involves initiative/energy .
Look forward to your advise on these doubts , will benefits many .

May lord bless always true spiritual personalities like you in india so that such knowledge is preserved , and youth in India follow Indian tradition and not get swayed by the Western influence .

Best wishes ,
Raju (Guest)
Pada Nadhamsha Dasha
According to the Pada Nadhamsha Dasha, a favourite dasha of Late Vemuri Ramamurthi Shastri ji, a Legend of Jaimiini Astrology calculated in Krishna Mishra' s Navamsha chart, Nehra is running the dasha of Leo/Capricorn, From Leo AmK the Sun and BK Mars are in tenth house. Tenth house from Capricorn is Libra which is aspected by the Amk Sun, BK Mars and PK Saturn. This dasha shows his selection more clearly.
govindum (Guest)
it works
truly we have to fix on basis of astrology.
O.P.Singh (Guest)
Astrology proved again !
Respected Sir,
Pranaam .
Please give the birth detail and / or horoscope of Ashish Nehra and whoever prediction you make or made in your articles.
You have rightly stressed to apply general and simple methods first while analysing any horoscope.
May God give you more and more years to guide us.
Om Prakash Singh
Found: 14
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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