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Sunil Dutt (Guest)
Proved again
Sir, Pranam Nadal is also from Spain and he has won the U.S open. Once again your principle of Jupiter and Saturn's transit at 3-9 axis is proved. As taught by you, Spain is also under good dasha. Regards sunil dutt
Shankar G.Hegde. (Guest)
The D-9 lagna is Aries (Mesha).
Dear Manoj ji, The Navamsha lagna of Shri K. N. Rao ji is Mesha or Aries which is cofirmed by him . I can give at least 10-15 very good combinations to prove it.
I request the readers of Rao ji's book/website to not to be confused as starting from the book "Karkamsha lagna & Mandooka dasa", "Predicting..dwisaptati..", to"The dreshakona Varanasi.." etc where the D-9 lagna is given as Mesha only!.
More over the the combinations given by Sh. Rao ji's Guru ji himself presnt in the book "Yogis destiny..time" prove that his D-9 lagna is Mesha, as a true yogi cannot give wrong predictions.
Shankar G. Hegde.
Wonderful sum up!
Dear Gurudevji,
"Sadar Pranams'.
It is a wonderful sum up you have made in your article on FiFA-2010 in which Spain had triumphed by trouncing Holland convincingly through the prism of Vedic Astrology. Also interesting regarding your sum up about the rise of Nadal Raefel in World Tennis rankings, replacing the hitherto champion Roger Federer, thanks to your continued interest in Lawn Tennis.
Yours sincerely,

Manoj (Guest)
An avid sports lover with third lord and sixth lord exalted in the tenth house and with Saturn in the third house reveals it all. In navamsha, which you prefer as Pisces, you again have Mars in the third house aspected by Saturn and Venus clearly reflecting that you would be adept at both field as well as board games. In my case, third lord is Saturn with Sun, fiery Jupiter and aspected by Mars, dragging me more towards field games than board games.
A good reading especially blending it with the horoscope of Spain.
Pat (Guest)
Good Article
Good article. Mr. Rao, made one mistake, it was Holland and not Denmark that Spain beat in the Final. That needs to be corrected.

Found: 5
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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