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Ram (Guest)
Obama lagna
All these combinations are falling 5th from jupiter(makar) which is seen forchildren confirmsthe fact that he has 2 daughters.

MSS (Guest)
Obama Lagna
Respected Sir
Sadar Pranam
It is a more than 50% chance that Obama would win primaries after he stunned Hilary Clinton in Iowa. The odds favored him (forget astrology). Then people started digging for Obama's time of birth. Many western astrologers started using 1:06pm. Later many vedic astrologers started using libra lagna and refined the time even more.

In July 2008, Obama's campaign released his BC due to questions on his US birth. Then of course everybody was stunned. It is rated AA. Jupiter is in vipareeta raja yoga aspected by 6th and 8th lord. See Sonia Gandhi'a AA chart, in which Mercury is in vipareeta raja yoga. Many vedic astrologers fixed the wrong lagna for Dick Cheney also before his Leo lagna AA rated chart was available.

Many eminent astrologers make mistakes but accepting it and moving on is a rare quality. We are all human and make mistakes.

Question for Respected Col. Gour: Obama has two daughters.
For makara lagna: Moon (5th lord) in venus's sign and rohini nakshatra gives more daughters. Also even sign -female
For thula lagna: Ketu in fifth in dhanista ruled by mars, will give more sons not daughters. Also odd sign - male
Please respond.
Prakash G (Guest)
Common Ignorance, Hockey!
Reading articles in JOA from past 3-4 yrs, Learn a lot about various subject and astrology too. Have seen long praise of Bhartiyata and sabhyata..would also like an article on Hockey "Our Ignorant national game".

Is astrology also running behind the west for Tennis and the common India people?

prs (Guest)
Change of Mahadasha or Dasha chiddra
Guruji Namaskar,

I fully agree with ur interpretation. Most of the learner comit a mistake of considering that effect of out going dasha is going to be over one particular day as given by mathematical calculation . However fact remains that thier is always a transition phase between two mahadasha. Infact, one start feeling effect of incoming dasha during the last phase of outgoing dasha and same phenomenon continues in first phase of new Mahadasha as one feel the effect of ougoing dasha for some time. This is what is known as dasha chiddra. I have read at many places that any Mahadasha does not give effect in its own antardasha,this could be the reason for such dictum. Although i have found it partly correct as u get mixed result during the period.

Guruji, i always give example to understand chiddra dasha which is as under. Whenever a river meet a sea at the end of its journey it will be difficult for one to find where river is ending and from where sea is starting. some time river water will advance in sea and other time sea will ingress more area in river. this is how chiddra dasha also behaves.


RSD (Guest)
Rahul Dravid's decline
Dear Sir,

Could you also do an analysis of Rahul Dravid's horoscope ? He has also been gradually declining, wondering if he would have a chance to come back to the One Dayers team for the February 2011 World Cup ?

Many Thanks and Kind Regards
- RD
Sunil Dutt (Guest)
Sir, Pranam I have read all your articles on Roger Federer and learned a lot. I have seen his decline in last three years. There are other yogas which are saving him from total disaster. Regards sunil dutt
aseem bansal (Guest)
dasha sandhi demystified...
Excellent,sir. Here I would like to present my view on dasha sandhi or chidra for the purpose of further research in this area that has been a puzzle to many astrologers.

Based on my experiences,

If a preceding mahadasha is bad or the last 2-3 years of any mahadasha is bad, then the results will be bad in the sva or own bhukti of next mahadasha, even if the coming mahadasha is favourable. The postive results of new mahadasha will take off when the antardashas of different planets begin.

Example - if Rahu mahadasha has been bad for the last 2- 3 years, then the tendencies of Rahu will prevail in Jup/Jup periods. The changes will be there but very slowly and when Lord Saturn Antardasha begins, the positive effects of Jupiter will also begin.

Now suppose that preceding mahadasha has been very good but the coming new mahadasha will be bad, due to bad placement in charts, then in the sva or own antardasha of the new mahadasha, the result will be good similar to preceding mahadasha. The new mahadasha will start giving bad results after the sva or own antrdasha is over.

Suppose that Saturn mahadasha has been good and even the last part of Jupiter antardasha is also good, then the good results will continue in the beginning of Mercury mahadasha and own antardasha. If Mercury is badly placed, then after the mercury own antardasha is over, negative effects of Mercury will be felt most part of the mahadasha Like Roger Federer. His success conitnued even in Merucry mahadasha in own antardasha.

Hope this further clarifies the topic of chidra.

Found: 7
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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