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Found: 12
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kapilesh (Guest)
keep it up
don't try to prove astrology.just keep posting and let viewers decide.
Vikram (Guest)
I enjoyed the interaction between Guru and Student. The step by step deduction and guidance was indeed a pleasure to see.
New Light
This world Cup was the clash of colors-means the color/s of the Uniforms on the day of the matches-I have observed that the colors which predominantly had RED-BROWN(VIOLET) were eliminated early-as on the day of their playing-the corresponding colors of their uniform were not favored by the corresponding Planets-so they lost-next in the semis GREEN and YELLOW also made their exit.
Green was beaten by Blue(India) and Yellow was beaten by Blue(Srilanka).
On the day of Finals-being Saturday-Sky Blue with Orange trimmings was favored.SL's uniform is Dark Blue with Yellow trimmings.Ofcourse India had the advantage of playing in the Home Ground- Saturn was in Hasta nakshatra-it was tough for both
priya arora (Guest)
Great Sunilji
Clearly you were spot on here also as always.
This shows your horizon is not restricted to any particular field.

Arvinder P. Singh (Guest)
Astrology is a Calculation. Right or Wrong, The best part I like about the article is everyword stated by Sunil Dutt was supported by his calculation. You will not find astrologers like him now a days.
Gyan (Guest)
power of astrology
This is a best example of power of predictions with use of astrology.

Sunil Bajpai (Guest)
Lets not consider it as prediction..
This article by Sunil Dutt should not be considered as prediction but it is how a student try to get knowledge from his guruji. He was working on multiple calculations hence always wanted to confirm from his guruji that he is moving in the right direction.
Ofcouse he was moving in the right direction...

subbu (Guest)
golden prediction

amazing prediction with the help and guidance of guruji, Sh K N Rao. am glad you are continuing the predictions eventhough both of us did research together in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. This act of yours has inspired me to also get deeply involved in the subject

Keep this tempo and my prediction that you will be soon reckoned as good astrologer with a solid backgound of analysing the issues in the right perspective.

T N Subramaniyan

beautiful insights in astrolgy.Good Dutt sahib.KEEP IT UP.
Basab (Guest)
Nice article.
Found: 12
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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