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Raj (Guest)
30 and 60 yr. cycles
I am as very strong believer of 30 and 60yr cycles. Lots of events I can cite which have repeated in 30 and 60 years. For example, stock market crash in 1929 and 87(58yrs),India winning WC 1983 & 2011(28yrs). Also India going through a purple patch like the 1950-1960 in 2010 -2020.Attack on america by planes in 1942 & 2001(59yrs) etc etc. I would like your comments on that. I know it has to do with Saturn's 30 year cycle and also Jupiter 12 year cycles.
Also 1955 was an excellent year to be born with Jupiter and Saturn exalted and is going to repeat in 2015. Isn't good for couples to plan child birth in 2015?
Few names born in 1955 include Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and many other bigs in their respective fields.
Anoop (Guest)
Match start time
I have a question regarding match start time. It should be taken when first ball is thrown or when toss happens. I think toss is the starting point of match. We see that toss is very crucial too in deciding match's faith.
vijay kumar Tiwary, New Delhi (Guest)
Applied Astrology
A good example of Applied Astrology.
Pl go on and apply it on other spheres
of day to day life.
There is no limitations to any science.
---- vijay kumar Tiwary, New Delhi----
PG:) (Guest)
Help Common people, Help India
Giving advance prediction about cricket will help no one except gamblers. But predicting about the India in upcoming matters like what will happen to Anna Hazzare's anti-corruption movement, will govt. agree and bring the law as expected without any twist. etc etc will help common man to prepare for the same.
There are many issues related to weather, disease, earthquake, Tsunami, terror attack will definately help. This will also bring the astrology in common blood and people will start believing astrology than "quake scientific predictions"
Anonymous (Guest)
Just a thought
Article is ok, I mean seems to be a sincere attempt.
Just wondering - been hearing a lot about economic collapse(esp. in USA) this year (2011), could any of the respected panel members try to shed some astrological light on this aspect through an article?
Such an article would benefit many, since it would give them some time beforehand to take any decisions (if any).
Sunil Dutt (Guest)
Good attempt.
KB Singh Kush (Guest)
Avoid such articles
Please don't use astrology for every solution. Astrology has many limitations.
sometimes we fail
why did Shewag scored a ZERO.May be Mr Rajeev overlooked something. However,main prediction is sound & logical.

A Student
socialworker (Guest)
Major Issues
Cricket win is fine but how about scary reports coming after population count in 2011 How about girl child ratio. In the country of Rama and Krishna women will disappear or government will be able to change the mentality of the people and put the issue on track
KGopal (Guest)
Prediction about Corruption comes true
I think the excellent prediction about corruption done in Bisariaji's Newsletter number of times need to be seen and reviewed as a research matter because we all are witnessing a great synergy which is turning into mass movement gradually.

Found: 11
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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