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Om (Guest)
Great but !
Rahul Dravid is undoubtably a real gentleman & has been the true wall of Team India.He was such a useful player of the team who performed all the roles for the sake of the team--- be it opening the innings,keeping the wicket or leading the team during the turbulant time.
Shame on media who left no stone unturned to throw him out forgetting his great contributions.It is more disgusting & humiliating seeing the match-fixers on the channels like NDTV [which whould be asked why do they invite theses tainted ex-players] passing sermons on Rahul and other players.
Zee News and its other channel too loses no second in throwing mud & assissnating the characters of our great players because ICL of Mr.Subhash Chandra [who is a hypocrite] flopped badly.
But one very painful thing I would like to mention about Rahul Dravid is that he declared the innings in Pakistan when Tendulkar was playing at 194,just 6 runs short of double century.Dravid did it at the behest of Saurav Ganguly or under Ganguly's pressure.
Being a getleman is not enough but being firm on the true path is more important.
Any way I am not trying to diminish Rahul strature;he is great and will always be remembered so.
Shankar Hegde. (Guest)
Nice (Tribute) article Manoj ji.

M S Sharma (Guest)
Excellent summary
Manoj ji
Thanks for sharing your views on Dravid. My view points as follows (KP ayanamsa)
1. He is already in Sun dasa, Jupiter bhukti. Jupiter is in Sun's naksahtra and so is Sun both being vargottama. Both the dasa and antardasa lord is in 12th house of retirement , but in transit it is being aspected by Jupiter that gave him a clean exit unlike others (very important point).
2. Venus and Mercury are in third house according to KP system that makes him a tennis player or a cricketer with grace and style.
3. He will be back in news and public life again after 2016.
4. I won't be surprised if he is the ambassador of a nation (Australia for example) in future, particularly in Moon dasa.
Found: 3
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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