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S.Ramachandrasekaran (Guest)
vishy's horo -reg.
yesterday while i was writing the review note(validation code1495/08-10-12) on world chess champion vishy's horoscope done by Sri K. R.Raoji sudden power failure caused some sentences omitted which i reproduce now.
1) For the same"adopted" birth data given by shri Raoji lagna is libra 9deg18min. with lahiri ayanamsa & not 3deg.18 min.other kalas are correct.
2)As per prof.Kskji's system of KP paddhathi, Moon dasa cannot give marriage in june 96.only for kanya lagna, wedding could be possible in Moon dasa.
3)Further Kanya lagna explains denial of birth children in Mars dasa.
4)Also parents position/stature are well reflected for kanya lagna.
5)Therefore last navamsa of kanya could be natal & so TOB to be around 02-09 AM to 02-23 AM for POB Mayiladuthurai at11N06,79E42.
S.Ramachandrasekaran (Guest)
moon dasa can't give marriage.
As per birth particulars given by u,the marriage in june 96 has moon dasa,sat.bhukthi&merc.anthra.
1)As per prof. KP's system of KP paddhadhi moon cannot give marriage.
2)Moon& mars dasas denied progeny.Rahu in five &fifth lord sat. in debility fairly explains delay in begetting an issue.
3)L9&L10 conjn. in 3 & L1 venus in vargo all facilitate his world champions.
4) JUpiter strong temporal malefic for libra lagna is avarohanam ,L1 vargo ,L10
well placed all aided his sports glory.Jup.rendered benefic stellarwise.Without this the marriage would 've been a wreck due to jup/sat(deb) across 7th axis.

A. Krishnan (Guest)
Purple patch for Indian sports
Below are my comments on this where I expected India to win 10 medals but India fell short and got 5, still a first for Indian sports. But India could have easily won one in badminton if the japanese and taiwanese had not conspired to rig their match and if Bhupathi had paired with Sania could have won a mixed doubles but for the tantrum by paes etc etc. So I would say I was almost 75% correct. Now I expect India to do well against NZ, England and Australia even if its a home series. May be India will do much better in 2016 olympics in Rio if they put in efforts for the next 4 years sincerely without ego clash as in tennis this time and gromm the talented atheletes.
Venkatesh (Guest)
Latitude and Longitude for Mayiladuthurai
Sir, Mayiladuthurai is the name in pure Tamil form of the town that's colloquially called as Mayavaram (pronounced Maayavaram). As it's nearly 280 kms. from Chennai, it may not be appropriate to use Chennai's lat and longitude for casting Anand's horoscope.

It's fairly straightforward to get the correct latitude and longitude for Mayavaram.

A. Krishnan (Guest)
Purple patch for Indian sports?
I had previously commented here a month ago about India's good times since the 1950s. Now of late, India has had a purple patch in sports beginning with Anand's victory in world chess championship, Indian hockey improving a lot
in Kuala Lumpur and claim bronze from the jaws of defeat in the tournament,
again in chess Srinath,Ivana winning asian juniors in boy's and girls' and another girl wiining the bronze, Indian wrestlers winning lots of medals in the commonwealth and yesterday Mahesh and Sania wiining the French mixed doubles grand slam. So I expect India to win at the least 10 medals in London Olympics. If that happens, can you please astrologically analyze for Indian sports purple patch from April to July 2012 and beyond?
Narayan Iyer (Guest)
Namaste Sir,
Closest place is either Karaikal or Kumbakonam. Please use one of these, instead of Chennai.

Jaggi (Guest)
As usual great

Basab Roy (Guest)
Good article.

Found: 8
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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