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Ram (Guest)
Astrologer is like Doctor
Astrologer is like a Doctor. The accuracy of diagnosis is based on one experience and intution. Both astrologer and Doctor can cause serious damage if symptom is not identified correctly. The only difference is that one helps towards your physical well being and other your general well being.One offers medicines ,surgery etc.and other mantras , stones etc.That is why it is important that an astrologer study the subject well and get good experience before he helps someone to lessen their burden otherwise as Mark twain once said , "Beware of reading health books .you may die of a misprint".
Sanjeev Kumar (Guest)
Keep it up.
Dear Sir,

Please go on doing the job of promoting astrology by writing articles which explain both its theoretical and practical aspects. The students of astrology like me are benifitted from them immensly.

Can you post summary of your addreeses defending astrology in TV shows including the one in Sony TV mentioned in this article?
Prabhat (Guest)
I was watching the said programme on television. The irrelevant arguments by the scientist sitting there was really making me to laugh. I would like to share a true story of mine. My wife has suffered three consucutive miscarriages . We had been to many doctors including some topmost doctors of Delhi but no one could have been able to detect the actual cuase of problem because nothing adverse has came out of our tests. This is the irony of " so called scientific world" that inspite of having so much learing and sophisticated equipments they are unable to trace the real cause and are just experimenting. My curiosity to know the root of problem and that why it is happening to me lead me to the Institute of Astrology at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. Just in six months of learning there i understood the problem. Saturn and Ketu, two malefics in 5th from Jupiter (the Karka for Children) and also the relegation of 5th lord venus in the 8th house is the cause of problem. May be it is karma of my past birth that is making me to suffer. However, the aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house from 9th house gives me hope and optimism. The learning of Astrology has given me optimism and a positive attitude towards our sufferings which the science had failed to give.
MS (Guest)
AstologersVs Scientists
Have read several articles of Rao saab in support of Astrology. But astrology is a very difficult science and subject to criticism. People highlight 10% of unsuccessful predictions and most of them do not even acknowledge correct or successful predictions.

How many know that Sanjay Gandhis death in an air crash was so accurately predicted by Babu Rao Patel even 5 yrs before his death ? People do not highlight these things. It is unfortunate people turn to Zodiac sign and tarot card readers which are not completely scientific and are misleading. .Perhaps Astrology is the only subject which has been so widely misused and may be that is why it is criticized by the scientists and rationalists. If in the hands of the right person like Rao saab then it is likely to be accepted. Rao saab has done Yeo man service to astrology. But one swallow does not make a summer. For every one Rao saab there are hundred of Quacks and fake ones minting money and cheating people. Hence it is a difficult science to survive criticism totally !!

Satish Navathe (Guest)
More Articles Like This one would be most appreciated

Acharya Padmakshaa (Guest)
Why we astrologers should argue with innocent scientists???????
I salute Raoob Saab for re-establishing astrology as a part of indian tradition. Astrology is an indian way of life. If vedas are infallible, astrology too bcas it is a limb of vedas. Yes, we astrologers may be fallible. For that matter, scientists too fail. Why PSLV or other satellites fail.
Sir, can scientists predict anything ( say even 50%) by birth details but even a beginner of astrology can predict 50% accurate.
There are more western sites of vedic astrology. What is the reason for that. Scientists feel great in denigrating astrology and religion.
Last but not the least, we should not discuss with these foolish mortals bcas their starts where their science ends.
Found: 6
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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