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Found: 42
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Nilu (Guest)
I will miss Mr. Mehta
Mr. Mehta was not only astrology teacher, my true friend, philospher and guide.
I met him last in the second week of march 2010. I had a word with him over the phone when he had some breathing problem and was on the way to the doctor at Sita Bharti Hoapital. He was full of life, very positive that he would be fine in few days. After that day, I didnt get a chance to speak to him as he was in ICU. Indeed, it was a shocking news on 25th of April 2010, that we had lost him forever. I will miss you "Sir" forever. Mr. Rao has rightly said you were a true gentleman.
vijay kumar tiwary (Guest)
Ratings are being done on selective basis
which is not understood.
---- vijay kumar tiwary ---
Rohit Sharma (Guest)
An Impartial and Unbiased opinion of Guruji Sri K.N. Rao about Mehtaji
It is really a sad news to here about Mehtaji. Eshwar ne unke atma ko shanti dey. I do'nt know Much about Mehtaji but I have with me his two bools Annual horoscopy and Ashtakavarga Concepts & application. Though i havenot read those two books full yet some of chapters fascinated me khaskar in ashtakavarga the thing explained about favorable direction for the native with respect to maximum no of SV bindu in the signs representing particular direction. there Mehataji lucidly explained it through giving the live example of Mrs Gandhi winning the support of south India. another article which caught my attention is - owining the house in tried techniques of astrological prediction Vol 2. Mehataji has explained it very interestingly and illuminatingly about who is blessed with property. So what else can i say about such a good and wise wisdom and spiritual person. only a word can be tell demise of mehataji is really a loss to astrological literature and also loss to students of astrology and lovers of astrology. but bell what guruji said in the beginning will always be ringing for which everybody should be ready.
SS (Guest)
May his soul rest in peace
I had a reading by Shri MS Mehta(through JOA) on last May 2009 where I was going through tough times. His prediction was accurate and he predicted that things shape up only in the end of 2009. It was accurate.

Today I casually opened JOA home page and surprised to see the heading "Late MS Mehta" and felt sad.

May his soul rest in peace.
Dinesh & Anjali (Guest)
Truly Devoted Mehtaji
We had an apportunity to learn from Mehta Sir for 6 months, he was truly dedicated and devoted to Rao Sir. Apart from the lessons he many times shared with us his experiences of sprituality with Rao Sir, those were much more interesting and guiding ones. Now all those stories will be just memories in our hearts forever. We pray to God that his soul rest in peace.
neeta bakhru (Guest)
Sad news
Sad to know this, I pray to God to give peace to the pure soul of respected M.S. Mehta Sir and I convey my deep condolence. Indeed, he was not only a good teacher and author of many books on astrology but also a very good human being and a great researcher.

Karuna Bharti (Guest)
My Condolence
When we were studying in the class on 25.4.2010, we heard the sad news about Shri M.S. Mehta Sir that he was not more with us. I was shocked. This will not not be wrong to say that this is a great loss for BVB which cannot be filled.

I was known to him for the last three years when I joined BVB. He was very soft spoken and helpful person. Most of the time I usually met him at the residence of Shri Rao Sir in "Vishnu Sahastranaam & Narayan Kavach Paath". He was very simple, God fearing and loving person who always encouraged and appreciated the efforts of the students.

I pray to God to give peace to the pure soul of Shri M.S. Mehta Sir and I convey my deeper condolence to his family members.
Abha Sharma (Guest)
You are in my heart always
I remembermeeting Mr.Mehta in early 2001, teaching us astrology with his ever smiling face and clear and straight forward methods. soon we developed a clear liking as he started giving us fatherly love whenever we used to meet him.I was badly lacking my father's absence by then as I had lost him in 2000 only, which was very well filled by Mr.Mehta's presence. since then we werein touch. He used to teach us astrology as well as many worldly things like a father teach his children
He was fond of very simple and small thing, like taking north indian food with garam garam "phula" and "tadke wali dal" etc. showing no proud ever of of his ample knowledge and high status.
he used to teach astrology with so simple and easy methods that we used to feel always silent with his ravishing pesonality and his big laughter.
Thjough GOD has taken his physical body from us but I always feel that he will be there in my heart as a loving and doting fatherly figure and a talented intelligent astrologer of outstanding work done and available to us in the form of his books.
The name of our research group website name “VedangJyotish” is also having a relation to him as it was Mehtaji only who asked me to think of a good name in 2001 under which we can start working for benefit of promotion of genuine astrology. On behalf of all the team members of Vedang, I pay my heart felt condolence to his family members and assure them to give all my support in future,

When I started coming on TV, he called me a TV starr and asked me to celebrate it with a grand party as he said that life should be lived and not passed always…. A true saying proved by him by his own life.

I love you Mehtaji and I will keep loving you for all the love you gave to me...

Anju (Guest)
Soft-spoken and So Simple, Mehta Sir taught us Mundane Astrology for a few classes in Jyotish Acharya. He always reinforced Good Values in life- especially for us as aspiring astrologers. Later on I saw more of him at Rao Sir's place.Picture I have etched in my mind is of Mehta Sir slowly climbing the stairs, but managing all the same- coming to do wednesday 'paath' - sometimes alone, sometimes his wife in tow. Such a kind and religious person gone. Don't know where. But wherever he is, May his soul rest easy. May the family get the strength to bear the loss. Sincere Condolences.

Anju Sachdev( Student-BVB)
Found: 42
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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