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rajneesh sharma (Guest)
chodo bekaar ki baaton ko hanhi bit na jaye raina
Deepak ji,
I have been flirting with astrology for last 10 years. I am fond of reading books related to the topics. I also watched the program and saw astrologers were insulted and humiliated there.

There are many aspects to the problem mentioned here. It is perhaps the easiest way to mint money. Read 4 - 5 books and open the shop. Tell your customers who are generally women (and under the impression that they are taling to omniscient) some dosha ie kal-sarpa, manglik etc. buy them some gems. Now pocket the fees along with the cut on the gems.
There is nobody to stop you.

Then you can start writing books also. copy some text from parashar some text from jaimini using cut and paste policy, fill 200 to 300 pages. send it to publisher. Now pandit ji has become author also.

"logon ke dukh dur ho ya na ho pandit ji ke jarroor ho jate hain"

There should be some check on all these ponga-pandits. some sort of certification or something. Some serious research-work should be done and then make the public aware of the fact that astrologer is not all-knowing god. This science has also limitation.

Lover of astrology (Guest)
Yes. In these times of one upmanship and bashing each other and rampant commercialisation, it would be prudent for the astrologers also to search their souls for truth. It is easy saying onething and rather difficult practising it. Many times we hide behind the sanctions of old precints and sayings but fail miserably when put to test on our beliefs. I think, this also calls for introspection.
M.Arunachalam (Guest)
In Defence of Astrology
Like Arjuna Shri.Deepakji has defended the cause of astrology.Like Shri Krishna our Guriji Shri.K.N.Rao is on his side to inspire and guide him.Let us ignore the ignorant.Predictions need not be given to all and sundry.Only the hapless and helpless need astrological guidance.
Rohit Sharma (Guest)
It Is waste of time and energy to argue with ksheena chandra rationalist
It is really good to read this kind of analysis deepak ji done. Rationalist person doesn't have any heart or bheja to understand divine subject ie astrology.though iam not expert in astrology but i have been reading astrological research based books by BVB since 2 yrs . I have been applying the tested method given in the book, found it 70/% accurate result. based on this experience only iam expressing my view firmly that egoistic & dogmatic mind person never under stand astrology for which divine blessing should be there. when rationalist doesn't believe God why should they argue?
aseem bansal (Guest)
Well Presented!!
Point well presented, Om ji!!!
Thanks Deepakji for timely article. I was deeply saddened by what I saw on that day!!!

Om (Guest)
Hats off to you Deepak Ji !
You dared to hold the horns of the bull which only few can !
The persons who boast themselves as rational & scientific in their thinkiing are actually the most irrational and unscientific in their approach,attitude and actions.
If someone accepts and follow anything blindly, he/she is said to be infected with superstition and a superstitious fellow but people often forget that a person discarding anything blindly is equally a supersttious and he/she too is not free from superstition.
Swami Ramdev Ji who never leave any stone unturned to claim that whatever he is propagating is scientific and whatever he is objecting to is unscientific once severely criticised astrology and went on further saying that he can accept the mathematical part of astrology but not the phalit or predictive part of it.
This is like acepting a couple as legal marriage but not accepting their children because of being illegal.
Once he was claiming that pranayam itself is more than sufficient to cure any disease and no medication is ,in general, required but today there is a huge turnover of his medicinal projects.
He criticises using plastic pouches but his medicines are being sold in the same.
I am not against his good works regarding spreading yoga and ayurveda rahter I admire him but I am certainly against his opening mouth on each and every subject including astrology which he doesn't know at all.
And the media which is full of stupid anchors and hypocrite editors assume it as the supreme authority of this country or world.It considers itself as above God.
I have watched that programme including many,in which Mr. V.P.Goel and Mr.Manoj Pathak were participating.There were so much interpretation by the anchor that the cream of these learned persons could not come.Whenever they started a good point the anchor deviated the topic because he/she himself/herself was not aware of the subject at all and had no idea of the importance of gems these two astrologers were trying to deliver.
But there should be many more Sanals in this country so that these ponga pundits could be exposed but there should be Deepaks too to expose these Sanals.
Once I contacted a news channel here in Calcutta to organise a debate on astrology inviting both the so called rationalists and the fake astrologers,I published my three prediction in advance in a newspaper regarding coming back of Saurav Ganguly,Rahul Dravid becoming th captain and marriage of Abhishek Bachchan.
But neither the rationalists and the fake astrogers turn up once my predictions came true.
So Sir, Mr. Sanal will not face you,he can't, because he is not a truth-seeker,he lives in his own world of illusion and this hypocrite media will remain busy in its shameless selfish works.
It questions politicians of not addressing ' Aam aadmi' issues but it is itself busy in telecasting the wedding of Sania Miirja and Sohaib Mallick.
IS this the common people issue related to the unemployment ,hunger,ailments,residence,roads,electricity etc. ?
Once again I salute you for your courage,confidence & capabilities ! These provide strength to people like me also.
Salute to the BVB too !
Rohit (Guest)
Ponga pundits bound to flop
Dear Deepakji,
I have seen this STAR TV program and I had also seen one in which some so called one scientist was left speechless before Shri K.N.Rao.
Ponga Pandits without any research and just using tricks like that favourite flower by Mr. Vats are bound to fail.
For me it was a entertainment and I seriously wish all the astrologers there should enrol for BVB Jyotish Primary classes.
Anuj Khare (Guest)
True Effort
Respected Guruji,
The best way to answer this would be to arrange a media house and take a panel of our BVB Astrologers. It will be very easy to get Sanal and a few more rationalists there. Based on the birth details of the viewers present, certain replicable techniques can be demonstrated and a fitting reply given.

I hope we should be ready for such opportunities to be able to help Astrology gain its lost place.
Dr.Nirupam K. Joshi (Guest)
Dear Deepakji
I confirmed.
on hi5 networking site Mr.sanal has given his Birth date 26th MAY.
so i think he lied on TV...

Thank you
Dr.Nirupam K. Joshi (Guest)
Dear Deepakji
This is to bring to your notice that on social website Facebook Mr.Sanal gave his birth date as 26 MAY 1955 ( I checked right after this incidence took place. But if now you join him and check his Info. he has removed his birth date!!!!. I checked his twitter and orkut profile no mention of birth date)
Did he lie on TV???
His Bith place is Idukki.( you can check in wikipedia)
Thank you
Found: 10
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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