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chanti (Guest)
Rana (Guest)

Ankur (Guest)
Very good article
Pathak Ji has taught me dasha in bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, he is one of the best teachers I came across BVB after Rao Saab.

Gr8 article to understand the role of changing pratyanter dasha , and the use of conditional dasha giving better results than a general vimshotari dasha.

Gr8 article.
S.K.Raswant (Guest)
Could this prediction have been possible without use of chatursheeti sama dasha which most softwares we know /use don't give?
shilpa (Guest)
there is a 50% chance in a yes/ no prediction
for any yes, no question, there is a 50% chance
inspite of a convincing rationale, you go it right
Sud (Guest)
he is the best

shrikant kajaria (Guest)
analysing retrograde planet is it a tricky affair?
There is no classical support available on retrograde planets other then uttar kalamitra,if available pl advice this is worth subject to research
Mastry in analysis
Very Good. Manner in which Horoscope is analysed is something we all should learn as student of astrology. Retro planets does not mean that person will suffer life long. But main is how to corelate the same for timing the event.

Whether any good book in HIndi to explain - Chatursheeti Sama dasha. Please advice
Ritesh (Guest)
Excellent, am also a student of astrology, many astrolgers are of their view that retrograde planets not harm any one but the it is the truth that it has certain impact on one's life. Things materliazies after delays and obstacles.
Found: 9
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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