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Sudhir Munasur (Guest)
The Nuts & Bolts of Astrology are Essential
Shri KN Rao mentions that we should not depend too much on Computers. The essence of his admonitions are well-meaning. I don't think that he is trying to criticise or "put-down" anybody. Astrology is similar to Mechanical Engineering, Medicine or Dentistry in that it is an in-depth Science and I remember learning Astrology especially How To Draw a Horoscope from Prof B.V. Raman's Book: "Astrology for Beginners" (That was 1995). I found that after I went through Prof Raman's book on the Technical Matters of Casting Horoscopes I had INCULCATED a more technically orientated mind which proved very helpful in later years. Merely feeding a computer with birth-data and reading the Phalams will still leave us semi-enlightened IF WE DO NOT KNOW THE BASICS ON HOW TO DRAW A CHART MANUALLY. I'm no authority on the Subject of Vedic Astrology, but I agree with Prof KN Rao that we should be able to cast a chart manually. And once we can cast a chart manually, then there is NO Harm in using Jyotish Software, -provided that you are able to COMPARE & CONTRAST your own knowledge to that which is being given out by the Jyotish Software.

Raju (Guest)
computers are good help in computing and there it ends.
I had been regular reader of articles by Shri K.N Rao and B V Raman since 1971.
I feel too much reading makes one confused. Even then continous updation of knowledge is required for good prediction.
btw, Astrological prediction is only tool for planning your life but it is not the last word.
I will like to hear Advice from Rev, Rao saheb.
KVR.Shiva Kumar (Guest)
Thanks to K.N.Raoji for wonderful service doinf to beginners like me.

Jhon Jai (Guest)
"Compudiots" is right! If you can't do it by hand, you cant do it.
Yet we should we not be encouraged to pursue our interest in Jyotish?

RCM (Guest)
Dr.Nalini Bajaj (Guest)
i agree
human mind and human analytical logical powers can not be duplicated... !!
its like knowledge of all medical science but ..non curative.. !!!
Nimisha S (Guest)
I am happy that Indian astrology becomes more widely available in Russia and around the world! Thank you teachers for your patience and knowledge. New Era of Kali Yuga, and brings about changes in the study of astrology and other sciences. Yes, we are computer kids, but we are interested! Thank you for this opportunity!
santha devi (Guest)
importance of basics
i agree the importance of knowing manual calculations.i am just a kindergarden student of astrology and i read books and lot of stuff from net only as i donot hav any one to guide me. by learning to calculate manually i hav learnt lots of basics which are of great help.i do not depend completely on computers but take their help also.thanking you.please bless me.
K.C.Mohan Rao (Guest)
This articles will be a deterent to those who are iin the process of developing ineterst in Astrology

Ram (Guest)
A Certified software is a solution

Although I agree that casting a chart by hand would be a good knowledge to possess but it is not necessary.

we are making progress so are our tools . These tools are getting sophisticated, efficient and lot easier to use. These tools are time tested and we must learn to rely on them .There is an awareness to certify and rate these tools to industry standard.This makes it easy to distinguish between standard and sub-standard tools.We still require Knowledge to use these tools efficiently.

Astrological software is a tool . All we require is certification or standardization or some kind of rating for this tool .

From my perspective if something can be replicated it must be automated.A calculation can be replicated but prediction cannot as it is an analysis

Moreover If I have to develop my predictive skills I require to research on lots and lots of horoscopes.By using a software I will not only save time in eliminating repeated manual exercise but also avoid committing potential manual incorrect calculations.

I have seen one of your videos in youtube and you yourself were using a software to explain an example. This tells me that you yourself prefer to use a computer software so I think you can help us by suggesting some good softwares.

Found: 32
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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