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Found: 11
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J.S.Bawa (Guest)
The prediction on US debt crisis is brilliant

Meenaakshi Sundharam (Guest)
Excellent Article I am very much thankful for Sri.K.N.Rao and his Team
your newsletters are just like' GAGAR MAIN SAGAR'

vijay kumar Tiwary, (Guest)
A good Article
Thanks for this good article,but had it been specific
and pointwise it would have been much better.
Monica (Guest)
The article is very well written and explains the aspects, characteristics and nuances of the planet Moon beautifully. Reading it is like opening the eyes to an entire new dimension and new perspectives. Looking forward to reading about other planets.
khushdev singla (Guest)
Moon the Queen of Planetary Kingdom
The article is well written and has rightly reflects upon the deep rooted meaning of Planet Moon for us besides discussing other significant mundane activities from astrological angle.
The significance of Moon has been captured not only by astrologers but poets also. The beauty and the changing size of the Moon have been awe-inspiring from times immemorial. Moon signifies beauty,mind,mother.Good placed moon takes one beyond the realms of physical ,mental and emotional binding whereas afflicted moon may lead one to indulge in drudgery , morbid and mundane activities. Afflicted moon creates attachment with impermanent things and thus generates pain. This is why an astrologer can read psychic of a person better than professional psychologist. The Deep rooted karma theory also validates this. The samskaras imbibed from actions of past and current births get built in our psyche. Thus tamasic, rajasik or satwik elements (gunas) can be measured in oneself from an astrological analysis of the Moon in ones chart.
All in all a very well composed article.

Badri (Guest)
Good One
Well written article. Thank you.

- Badri
Sachin Malhotra (Guest)
Very comprehensive explaination on Planet Moon and current affairs astrologically.

M.Arunachalam (Guest)
It is an excellent treatise.One reading is not enough to grasp the significance of the Moon.This kind of research is really the need of the hour.
aseem bansal (Guest)
Excellent write-up on Lord Moon
Based on my experience with many charts, I have found people with afflicted moon, having gloomy and negative mindset whether in speaking or writing.

The research findings on kemdruma Yoga must have also been included in this letter as this yoga is sometimes very unclear in most of the charts.
Found: 11
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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