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sk (Guest)
what a reasonable comparisons made! astrology is greater science than publicised.

women reservation bill
i have reason to believe that women reservation bill will not be passed so easily.Can you eaborate this in next news letter.
As it is India is in now in SUN mahadasha.Country is run by not Man mohan Singh, but by female Sonia Gandhi.SUN A MALE PLANET IS ASLO FOURTH LORD IN INDIA HORSCOPE.
Hope to hear from you in next newsletter on this.

ratna prakash (Guest)
mythology makes understand astrology better
when i was going through the first part of the article (concerning the relationship of moon & mercurry), i remembered tha qoute from my reverend senior that "mythology makes understand astrology better". the other myhtological referemces like relationship of sun & saturn etc help tremendously in making predictive use of astrology.
the line in the last para of the article ie the temple is within the human being itself has amply been proved in the dan brown's latest book "the lost symbol", in which brown has used the hindu religion references extensively to prove the point.
my heartfelt thanks to respected bisaria sir for keeping us in touch with the divine scince of astrology regularly with lucid and interesting language in his newsletter.
looking forward earnestly for the next issue.
tanya gupta (Guest)
its all in the stars
The article explains the happenings of our nation well astrologically. The faith & the mythology very systematically treated so that to convince anyone
Narayan singh (Guest)
A poetry ( Vyang) on our social character
Weaving words to make the things knowledgeable and cheerful is the artistic skill of Respected Bisaria Ji., that we enjoyed ever as the reader of his news letters. The letter narrates all ,that we require to encounter our self in the mirror of great truth . In fact , we are legal heir of our ill society to claim stress and huge tensions by virtue of our decayed character. The role given to the ‘ Moon and Mercury” to enlighten the dark side of genetic relations enhances the beauty of such writing.. The letter , some times becomes ‘Poetry.
rajendra singh rathore (Guest)
Respected Deepak ji,
i realy appreciate the insights that you give with regards to mundane astrology.I can only pray that India takes oppurtunity of this favourable time.After all astrology can only give directions and show the path thats lying ahead,its us who have to complete the task!!
Raghvendra Verma (Guest)
Dear Sir,
This is excellant. I am really surprised to know that by astrologgy we can also predict the national and international events. This is really great.

Raghvendra Verma
Shankar G. Hegde. (Guest)
Dear Mr. Bisariyaji,
The Newsletter is attracting the elite group of astrologers. Last year one VVIP violated all the rules of a famous temple of Shiva on the holy day of Shivratri because of which lakhs of people had to wait for 4 hours for Darshan & within few months God punished him!
Keep it up Deepakji.
Shankar Hegde.
Om (Guest)
Peerless !
Respected Deepak ji,
Oh ! What an wonderful article it is !
Just excellent & brilliant !
I have read few earlier news letters also baring the few ones which didn't reach me for an unknown reason ; it is like a series of invaluable pearls externally but a subtle and sublime series of dazzling constellations vanishing the darkness and showing the path.
In this milk of astrology we get the butter of spirituality which leads us to the nectar of bhakti in this/these articles/News letters
Raghav sharma (Guest)
Guruji < Brilliant piece asusual!

Found: 11
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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