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abhilash (Guest)
Not given thorogh knowledge of vipreet raj yoga
u have not given thorough knowledge of vipreet raj yoga,u have old text books knowledge, but not corelated with this time
I must say these articles really bring forward astrology in a much more practical manner and in line with modern times. Instead of following other magazines where there is more superstition involved and least genuineness in their articles, we find here more knowledge and science. Thankyou !!
Dr.Nirupam K. Joshi (Guest)
I forgot to mention about the story.
Thank you very much for story....
Shankar Hegde. (Guest)
News letter is becoming very populler after every month. In my case 12th lord in 8th is absoulatelly giving result as per both Parashara & Manasagari. But how much we can depend on Rashi Kundli (D-1)? is a big quest.
Keep it up Bisariaji.
Shankr Hegde.
girraj sharan (Guest)
well researched
welldone.research work of A rating.creativity of super nature.
Dr.Nirupam K. Joshi. (Guest)
Very Nice article with detailed understanding of 12th- 8th-6th houses chain that goes hand in hand in success and failure.

Kamal (Guest)
Buck up
Appriciable write up explaining 6,8 and 12 houses and sun. Such mein interesting to read such great write up
Om (Guest)
Another Gem !
Wah ! Kya baat hai !
This is just another glittering gem in the dazzling series of brilliant Newsletters.
What an interpretation of the 6th,8th and 12th houses/lords relationships with regard to Kaliyuga.
But there are many things approved by the govt. regarding women are not justful but simply an appeasement,for example the CCL,the child care leave to women only,income tax rebate to them,article 398 & 498 regarding sexual harrashment at the workplace and domestic violence act,police raid at bar and night clubs arresting bar-girls for dancing but projecting & protecting IPL cheer girls.
Take any newspaper, it is full of all sorts of nude,indecent,undignified and vulgur obscenes but publishing such materials is no crime,posing for such scenes is no crime,buying these newspapers is no crime but if a male staff goes through these newspapers and his female counterpart[staff] sitting next to him objects and complains about this,the matter will be under sexual harrashment act and that poor male staff would be behind the bar for 90 days[unbailable]
Similarly bizarre arguments are put forward in favour of Child Care Leave where a woman employee is sanctioned a total of 730 days leaves to look after her children up to the age of 18 years.
Just bizarre ! A 16 year girl is now constitutionally eligible to take her own decision for her life regarding marriage without or even against the will of her parents but still she needs mother's care! [ and not father's care because this leave is only for women .]
A lady teacher is paid to teach the children of the society but at the time of exams she stays at home to take care of her own children or stays at home by simply saying that her child needs some moral/psychological support and this very woman gets rebate in income tax also.
Her income goes to her husband who is also working but a single earning male's income goes to his wife ; whom this rebate is serving : man or woman ?
Who will take care of the children of a widower or whose wife is away or illiterate?
Should this leave not be sanctioned to him also or to all the parents irrespective of gender ?
If IPL cheerl girls nude dance in open and at a public place is so good and nation building why should it not be started in all the schools during their sports tournaments? Similarly beauty contests should also be started in schools so that the girls could be trained from the very beginning.
Once Mr. A.B.Vajpayee while meeting Lara Dutta said that she had increased the respect of Indian women, then will it not be proper for our MLAs,MPs,Minister to start from themselves to promote this as all the good things must be exercised by the leaders first.
Leader means who leads!
Does Sun dasha give such justice and good things ?
T.R.Kapoor (Guest)
fine assement of human progress in Kaliyuga
Perhaps all the relevant issues have been tackled in most convincing manner by the Editor except his Shairee (it is chehere par aa jaati hai raunak
the samjhte a bimar ka hall achha hai} Yes ASTROLOGY does show the way
in darkness but it depends who are the astrologers.
Wonderful Analysis!
Dear Sir,
Destiny is Destiny. None can change it. Sri Gitacharya (Lord Krishna) aptly said, "'Karmanyevadhikarste Ma phalesu Kadachana!
Ma karmaphalaheturbhur ma te sango'stvakarmani!!" (One has choice over his actions, but not at any time on results - One should not be author of the results of actions; neither one be attached to inaction". In Kali Yuga, on account of power of 'Maya' (delusion), one would elate at times and would depress the other times, but the destiny would take its own course of action. Yes, Houses 6, 8 and 12 will do their own job. It's really a wonderful analysis! Kindly keep it up.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Found: 11
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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