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narayan singh (Guest)
Valuable Tips to remember........
The taste and flavor of this news letter like the previous ones, has left us once again to feel and enjoy. These are the valuable tips to remember what perhaps slipped from our mind years back. To test the classics in terms of change of behavior of planets in the modern context or desh-kal-patra (as our Bisaria Ji said ) has become much essential to make healthy predictions.
Monica (Guest)
Comprehensive and insightful.

Wonderful article!
Dear Shri Bisariaji,
"Sadar Pranamams"
Kudos to your insight in Man Vs. Destiny. It is a wonderful Newsletter series, which would enlighten various persons like us. I have been learning about man vs life for the past several years through the study of Sri Bhagavad Gita, several Puranas like Sri Ramayan, Mahabharat and Sri Bhagavat Purana and am voracious reader of BVB publications on ASTROLOGY and, last but not the least, I had attended several discourses of various Saints during the last several years. Yes, you have presented a 'synopsis of all the holy scriptures' in your article for the esteemed JOURNAL OF ASTROLOGY under the guidance of Sri Gurudevji (Shri KN Rao saheb). I have been oft quoting that unless some one has the knowledge of Vedas and the blessings of Lord VISHNU, he cannot be a perfect astrologer. Of course, you are a Professor in Vedic Astrology in BVB and what more qualification is needed for you to write the articles like the above on the topic of Man vs Destiny.
May God give you a long life.
Yours sincerely,
hemanth joshi (Guest)
this is an enlightening article worth reading and analysing
it is highly informative and educative subject throwing light on various aspects of our indian tradition and its values.
ratna prakash (Guest)
though i w'm already a firm believer of destiny, by belief has become still stronger after going through this issue. now i'm gonna show this news letter to my friends and colleagues to understand the aspects governing our destiny, which has been lucidly and beautifully explained in the newsletter.
bisaria sir may kindly accept my sincere regards for doing such a splendid job.
Om (Guest)
Another Gem !
Respected Deepak Ji,
The Newsletter of April is a brilliant piece of write up as usual.Just awesome !
Apart from being informative,it touches many aspects of current affairs with an undercurrent of astrology & spiritualism.
Many facts put in this article are very interesting while many others trigger the contemplation.A good package indeed !
Yes,some people especially the egoistic,stubborn,self-certified half-boiled meal like so called rationalists and few scientists with unscientific attitudes cry that this world is scattered,arbitrary,unorganized,unplanned and a sudden outburst of an unmindful accident.
This is not the case and your article throws light on this quite nicely.
Lord Krishna also tells this in Geeta in Ch 16/8
Maoists:Yes,development is a must but what is meant by development is different for the so called maoists.
Society does need schools,hospitals,roads,water,electricity,all the three basic needs,justice etc but the maoists don't think these things as the signs of developments because had they taken this way they would have not destroyed schools,roads,railway tracks,stations,hospitals and all sorts of infrastructures.
Have these maoists constructed a single school,hospital or any road so far?
They have nothing to do with progress or development rather they just want to grab power in the garb of development.They want communist rule in this country.They are equally dangerous as Alquaida or any other terrorist organization.
IPL: You rightly said 'Girls,Gambling & Corruption'.
Hope all these three poisons will be erased and no more hypocricy will be there.Our PM,Presidents,Leaders etc use very pious words whenever any anniversary of Bhagwan Mahaveer,Buddha,Guru Nanak,Swami Vivekananda etc. come;same sacred words are repeated on the occasion of all the religious festivals.
Does these greatmen or any religion teach and support nude dance on public places ?
One Humble Suggestion: If possible,please compile these Newsletters in a book.It will be of great help for not only people like me but also for those who don't have access to internet.
kt (Guest)
excellent as allways been

Rohit (Guest)
Economic Impact
A very well written and informative article indeed.
I have only one point to make on the economic front where its mentioned that boom and industry reforms will continue.

With the various articles and news I read, I am not very confident of this prediction. Firstly, Jupiter is moving in Pisces and in accelerated motion which may not do good for the financial system. Secondly, as Rao saheb had mentioned in one of his previous articles, Jupiter-Saturn opposition will have a major transformation in the world and not in a positive way.
I may be wrong but India is also part of this world and cannot remain elusive.
Just an opinion. Thanks
girraj sharan (Guest)
as always newsletter informative andwell resoned.
bhawna (Guest)
Very interesting

Found: 12
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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