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Monica (Guest)
Excellent as always!

V.Radha krishnan (Guest)
The articles being covered covered and discussed have great relevance for learning and furthering knowledge.There are none in fact that strives link with classicals and give relevance to interpretations.By studying the articles an astrologer definetely would like to go deeper into various complex issues that promotes research
girraj sharan (Guest)
subjects of topical interest covered. beauty of it is unstructured.hence sustenance of interest goes dussera falling on 31 june.iremember sh.Rao used to discuss Sri Jagan nath puri.
well attempted.

Prasad (Guest)
Hats Off
Excellent articles(s)
M.N.Subba Rao (Guest)
The 2nd house signjfications in medern context are good
sir, Pranams. I feel this issue is informative to all followers of astrology. the 2nd house significations along with other houses is good for the present day
market. The June 2010 sea change prediction in political set-up is also a good prediction based on 1990 planetarydisposition.

Khushdev (Guest)
Pranaam Guruji, Shri Deepak Bisaria and all team of JOA,

Congratulation on completing one year of Journey .I assume the journey envisaged by the editorial board and team members is a another crusade against the irrational and unscientific approach towards the esoteric science of Astrology. Vedic Astrology is a divine science for the betterment of human society but the convolution of the principles by the Ponga Pandits has lead to a serious dent in its prestige which needs to be rectified .Guruji and all thanks to you for taking up this herculean task against all odds.With the help of your newsletters,month on month we are exposed to enlightening thoughts linking the causal analysis of day to day mundane activities with esoteric meaning which further reaffirms our faith in eternity and principle of His creation. I salute the entire team for the commendable work.
Abha Sharma (Guest)
really very valuable information presented in a beautiful expressive language.
Many many congratulations to JOA NEWS LETTER TEAM on completing one year.

R.K.Bansil (Guest)
The letter is one year old baby but knowledge giver to matured people of this kal yoga,
Dear Bisaria Sir,
Heartily Congratulations on the 1st anniversary of JOA’s News letter to you and your team mate which has completed a year under the kind and divine guidance of Rao Sahib.

The letter is one year old baby but knowledge giver to matured people of this kal yoga, this is because of your dedication and spiritual guidance of Rao Sahib.

Sincere Admirer of Astrology


bhawna (Guest)
absolutely fantastic
This is not really a newletter, it is actually a knowledge bank. Very very informative and interesting
Jagota Ashwani (Guest)
Very well written
I must say the presentation is wonderful.
Found: 16
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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