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ratna prakash (Guest)
exhaustive reading on 3rd house.
an exhaustive article on 3rd house. of particular interest is the linkage with the contemporary linkage with 3g auction etc. it has provided an illumination on thorough study of 3rd.
earnestly looking forward to the next issue.
Jeetandra (Guest)
i feel that the third house does have potential for all this but needs primitive support from benefic planet(s). In case of KL Saigal his fame came much after his death and was never a happy person. Jupiter have contributed to his stature but not for the other parts of his life. Tks
J.S.Bawa (Guest)
Clear Creative additions to Knowledge Bank.Keep it up

aseem bansal (Guest)
Excellent article...very i understand why my friends are always senior whether at professional or in time I am gonna be born with cluster of planets in 3rd house so as to get younger friends...
Sahesh Pathak (Guest)
Intelligent creative ideas. Interesting reading

Satya S Kolachina (Guest)
Good Article - a few suggestions
Dear sir,

It is a good article, which prompted me to give a few suggestions.
Repeated use of a single horoscope or individual for high-lighting a viewpoint raises some sickness in the astrological analysis. I am referring to the mention of the Late KL Sehgal's horoscope or occassional mention of Lata Mangeshkar anytime music is discussed. No doubt, these are good musicians; but there are other worthier musicians who deserve such mention. it is highly unfortunate that there is never a mention of Saint Tyagaraja or any of the trinity, or other Carnatic or Hindustani classical musicians who sacrificed their lives for music. Today's music that we are enjoying is what they provided us centuries ago. An intellectual group of astrologers like you at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan is expected to go deeper in presenting such statistical data rather than clinging on to one or two favorite horoscopes.

As a lover of classical music and myself being classical music student, I am deeply depressed whenever I read a mention of only the sterio-type artist names in the articles, which prompted me to write this suggestion. I hope and request that my suggestion be taken in positive spirit.

Thanks and best regards,
Wonderful article!
Dear Sir,
Sadar Pranamams.
It is another piece of wonderful article on Man Vs. 3rd House in accordance with 'Vedic Astrology', a divine science, being taught to several students in BVB under the stewardship of Gurudevji Shri KN Rao Saheb and his disciples. Long live Vedic Astrology and Long live Gurudevji.
Yours sincerely,
Om (Guest)
Respected Deepak Ji,
Once again a fantastic piece of write-up indeed !
Just brilliant !
You cover many areas in your writing which are highly relevant and these need to be addressed by a scholor like you.
Besides, the spiritual spotlight you throw answers many confusions/doubts/queries.
This is the beauty of your writing which covers many important areas apart from astrology.Please maintain it.
As I have requested earlier also, please compile these Newsletters and publish these in a book form.
It will give the readers an opportunity to go through different houses' analysis at a place.
If you do so you can edit these Newsletters on the lines of Astrology+Spiritualism+Social maters etc.
You can add an elaborate interpretations to the each house too.
Though there are many books on the interetation of different bhavas & their bhavesh but these things need to be presented in updated forms time to time.
So please do some upgradation+ updating works with regards to different houses & their lords so that both the beginners and the higher level students of astrology could have many gems to enjoy and enriched with.
Bhawna (Guest)
Brilliant piece of work
A complete analysis of the 3rd house, brilliant piece. Very interesting.
Importance of 3rd house
Article is average but it can be excellent when the same third house is explained by taking into consideration all the 12 houses of the horoscope alongwith the different signs (impact of positive and negative signs when they become the 3rd house of the horoscope).

For e.g. the same 3rd house becomes the 6th house of enemies, diseases etc. as seen from the 10th house of Deeds. When the lord of 3rd house sits in the 10th house of deeds then the relationship of 6:8 exists between the 3rd house and the 10th house.

Thanks for your initiative in spreading the knowledge of astrology to the common man through these articles.
Found: 13
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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