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thank you for this article it helps me very much
Dr.S.N.Rao,Madhur (Guest)
Good choice of 4th house
The contents are goodsince it covers all aspects of the 4th house.It will be good in futre to cover all aspects of Dustanas both good & bad about them in your Journal of Astrology.
R.K.Bansil (Guest)
These News Letters are excellent for seeker's of Astro advce to understand the astrologers advice.

Faithful (Guest)
A very nice article
I am eagerly waiting all the time for wonderful articles in this website. Keep up the good work.
rajendra (Guest)
Deepak ji as always the articles in Journal of Astrology are very insightful but i have one complain. It is not easily available across all vendors in delhi.Though the market is full of astrological magazines of cheap content, i wonder why this genuine magazine is not encouraged.But still must say 'thank you' for providing us such valuable information online!
Jagota A (Guest)
Good article on 4th house
Newsletter is one year old now. It is difficult to choose the best newsletter.To me every newsletter is a gem and every astrology loving person will praise. Your efforts are commendable.

All the best.
Vanessah Keys (Guest)
My respect and thanksgiving to Shri Deepak Bisaria in this fine exposition of the 4th house and, respectively, the 10th, as well as meaningful insight into karma and moksha. I look forward to every newsletter as it is nourishment for the mind and spirit. Namaste. Thank you, from a jyotish novice in America.
Khushdev (Guest)
Demystifying the mystic
Another benchmark in an Endeavour to demytisfy the mystic .Fourth being a discerning house in vedic astrology needs esoteric understanding to unravel its potential.The present article in a step in that direction to reveal the nuances associated with it.
J.S. Bawa (Guest)
Excellent. Keep it up

prabhakar (Guest)
no sukam without good karma
it is a very good article about the inter relationship of 4th and 10th house please read this
Found: 22
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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