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Rohit (Guest)
Economic Revival
Deepak ji - I would like to emphasize on the prediction of economic revival from April 2011 which is mentioned in newletters and was also on the Live India channel. Although I am not in agreement with this, going by the current scenario where the markets are up again from the lows and revival already been talked about, it would be appreciated if this is further clarified in the next newsletter. Given that the progress is measured by the GDP and is reflected in the stock markets, are we going in for a major revival where the sensex can touch 30K? Or are we in line for a bust which I believe so.

ratna prakash (Guest)
an excellent article on 5th house
it is heartening to see a wonderful article on 5th house. it has cleared many doubts lingering in my mind regarding the free will and the prarabdha. the comments on the recents comments like cwg and rains in various parts of the country analysing from astrological point of view is what i may term icing on the cake.
my profuse thanx to bisaria sir to keep us enlightened through his painstakinf efforts every month.

passer by (Guest)
Unsubstantiated quote
That Maculay quote is a lie. Maculay wasn't in England on that day. He never made that speech.Nor is there any record of him saying anything to that effect. And many great people have fallen for it. Here are few links.
Koenraad elst's take is here

Since this article is about karma. I trust you will know what needs to be done.

v k tiwary (Guest)
Praiseworthy effort
Namaskar Sir,
Excelent prsentation of 5th house.You have rightly said 5th house is 8th from 10th
house.Whenever Dasha is related to 5th house ,there is some sort of problems
related to profession of the individual
Thank You Sir.
------ vijay kumar tiwary --------
Sameer (Guest)
Need more research.
The copied text from scripture is translated in a good way, but it should have practical evidences which will fill the gap between theory & practice. Currently there are lots of open questions, if you will start practicing you will get stuck-up. Hope to see more research.
R.K.BANSIL (Guest)
Rate it?????????????? Not possible
Rating your articles is again a sin for tamsik people like me who try understand the theory of KARMA from your this article.
Bisaria Ji,
As you have mentioned “Bhakti takes you towards a greater purity of heart, mind and soul”. As I feel this is also a state of happiness.

Sir, Bhakti can be of any kind. As you are doing bhakti by helping needy people by your astrological consultation and articles. And off course there is no competition in Bhakti. So it can’t be rated. Instead of “Rate It” the heading should be given discussion board, where the people could discuss. And the learned people like You could guide them

Anju Sachdev (Guest)
Beautifully written multifaceted article. Great accounting lesson of our karmas makes one pause and ponder as to where we are heading!!!
M V M Prasad (Guest)
AN Excellent paper on Karma sidhanta
Great work Bisaria Ji

People will slowly become aware of these principle in the days to come... it is not far...atleast i pray for that

Great work is all that i can express

M V M Prasad
Khushdev (Guest)
As you sow so shall you reap!!
Well articulated thought .Must read for all especially Neo liberals who believe in compromising our eternal cultural principles for the sake of foreign ,seems to me that they are the victims of xenocentricism !!! The eternal truth is "As we sow so shall we reap".So one should imbibe this principle in everyday life so as to experience eternal bliss!!!
narayan singh (Guest)
got aadhyatmik sukh of 5th house.
During Three hours i took to study the whole body of article on 5th house, it kept me enjoying “Aadhyatmik Sukh” through out. Here one can judge the speed and motive behind. I predict here the possible link of 5th house with 8th, 11th and the 2nd house in the birth chart of Sh. Bisaria Sir. Such frame work must be saved in a folder by those who are busy in evil deeds and have no time for the detailed study of holy book “ “Karma and Rebirth” by guru sh. KNR. No doubt, the path of Bhakti goes through the “needy and deprived ones”. So let us touch them first as the performance of “Sankap” to ease the path of “Real Bhakti”. It is essential to minimize bad karmas brought with us performing good Kriyamana karma ( 10 th house).
Found: 25
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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