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Joydeep Kumar Mitra (Guest)
One of the very best articles on the 7th I've read on JoA.

Khushdev Singla (Guest)
Very Invigorating
This is one of those article which sheds a very clear light on the difficult 7th house.I myself have Rahu in 7th house and its dasha running, so can very well understand the nuances associated with the 7th house.Before delving deep into the ocean of astrology ,I happen to meet lot of charlatan astrologer who use to present a complete dismal picture of the result of Rahu in 7th with no scope of improvement ,some even predicted death.Luckily because of my inquisitive nature I myself jumped into the ocean of Esoteric astrology and with each spiritual ablution could feel from inside the deep meaning of what was happening with me.As Shri Deeapk Bisaria ji mentioned in the article that in this modern world the principles of astrology has to be interpreted in light of 'Desh,Kaal,Patra" .The above article has presented a food for thought to think in terms of these lines.
R.Seetaramaiah (Guest)
karnataka govt. crisis

Dear Guruji,

B.J.P. government in Karnataka led by Chief minister B.S.Yediyurappa
Again found it self in a deep Crisis started on 6-10-2010 owing to intraparty differences.
In this connection Governor told the Chief Minister to prove the government’s majority
On the floor of Legislature before 12-10-2010. B.S. Yediyurappa told him that he would
Prove his majority in the assembly on 11-10-2010.

In this regard I contacted Sri K.N. Rao Guruji over phone. Guruji told me I will
See tomorrow.and than I called to Sri, DEEPAK BISARIA JI over phone. He analise
The horoscope of . B.S.Yediyurappa on 8-10-2010 morning and predicted.

. B.S.Yediyurappa’s time is difficult till 20-10-2010.If he survives he will continue.
The prediction is that he will survive by a thin margin.

And again I contacted Guruji on 10-10-2010. Guruji predicted this time B.S.Yediyurappa will scrape through.

Both predictions come out true.
Second time B.S.Yediyurappa again proved his majority on14-10-2010

Sri, K.N. Rao Guruji ‘S Three[3] predictions related to B.S.Yediyurappa, As Chief minister on 30-5-2008, and survive as Chief minister on 28-10-2009, and on 10-10-2010 he scrapes through. The above 3 pridictions come out true .

Thanking you GURUJI,


Shankar G.Hegde. (Guest)
My opinion
Dear Bisariya ji,
DOB. of Sh.Yediyurappa is 27-2-1943, Place is near Mandya, Karnataka. Long back he passed the time of birth to Mr.Sitaramia as Mr.Sitaramia is an astrologer of his native place. The time given by him was 3-00am. Rao ji rectified it as 3-01am. I am sticking to 3-12am the rectified time by me.
I am the 1st astrologer who predicted about his first tme's brief CM post in 2007 in front of millions of people through tv9 of Karnataka which has become number one Tv channal in India now. It was 9 months in advance. Again I predicted he becoming the CM for the second time which appeared on this website, where I had clearly written "his path will not be smooth".
Why 3-12am?
His marriage took place in 1967. He has 3daughters &2sons. His first child was born in Mer-Ven. If we stick to 3-01am the saptamsha or D-7 lagna will be Dhanu. Without the connection of 5th house to dasa & Bhukti how the child birth took place? So I shifted it to Makar lagna in D-7. Mercury aspects the 5th lord is with 5th lord Venus & sub lord Venus is the 5th lord itself & 1child is a female. The D-7 lagna starts from 3-10-41 if we have to consider it as Makar.
So obviously the D-10 lagna becomes Makar.
Secondly he became CM for a brief period for the 1st time in SUN-Mars. Sun is the 8th lord of D-10. Only 8th lord is capable of giving & taking the powers all of a sudden! Now it is Sun-Mer for him in Vimshottari, Meena-Dhanu in Chara which will be up to 27-11-2010.
My prediction given around a week back before he proved the majority on 11th of October, For another Tv channal was that he would prove it by 2or 3 extra votes which proved correct like your prediction of thin margin. But I have clearly predicted that" he cannot complete the term as CM of Karnataka & in this Mercury bhukti itself he will step down. Most possible period can be FEb-2011 to May-2011.
Mr.Manoj Pathak has also rectified his time as 3-12am! He has used Dwisaptati Sama Dasa up to 3 levels & opines that he may not remain in the chair up to 20th of November 2010! But he is also sure about his fall in future at the least.
Time must answer to it.
Shankar G.Hegde, Bangalore.
rags (Guest)
Very Informative Guruji !

ratna prakash (Guest)
again a superb piece of writing on 7th house linking with current affairs.
i was eagerly looking forward to the new insights into 7th house through the october newsletter. and i am very that after reading my horizon of astrological knowledge has further expanded.
the signification of 7th house with society and bhavat bahvam of 4th house is very enlightening. also new practical interpretations of malefics in 7th house in the married life, i'm sure will help the practicing astrologers to predict better.
i'm also gonna buy bisaria sir's book on marriage et al, about which i come to know through this newsletter only.
with best wishes to bisaria sir for a happy diwali.
Rohit S (Guest)
Nice Article
I pray that may your work on book get completed soon so there is another clarification/rectification and guidelines in the mundane astrology predictions
aseem bansal (Guest)
the theory of predestination is still a mystery even after reading so many books..even on astrology related books..i have reached a conclusion that we must forget predestination theory and get on with life...Nobody excepts God knows the fate of everyong on this planet...If you want to know your destiny, then better get in touch with Him...

I think even the milan process is predecided based on my experiences..malefics in or affliction to 7th house can mean delay in marriage..this affliction will also make the native and hi/her parents undergo numerous process of kundli milan and rejection and into depression...when the debt is over, milan happens automatically and they live happily ever after...why some people get their life partner so easily and while some has to undergo months or even years of futile experiences...affliction to 7th house must show this...

6th house and 7th house both are very well i give the example of a person to whom i know very well..., moradabad...he had a love a marriage, his fortunes changed after marriage and now a director of a very well know mnc...
Found: 8
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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