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reve sethi (Guest)
excellent reading
i found yr newsletter an excellent reading as even though i dont have astrology back ground, i was still able to comprehend it. thanx.
ratna prakash (Guest)
gyanwardhak reading which i am not able find anywhere else.
respected sir, probably i am blessed as far as my 9th house is concerned bcoz through news letter of my learned GURU, every month i get gyan (dont know a suitable word in english), not just regarding the subtelities of astrology but other issues also, which i am not able to get from anywhere else. for example beautiful explanation of 8th chapter of gite in the context of 8th house of horoscope (nov issue).
the delibaration on religion, marma yoga etc, and exhaustive detailing of 9th house has added to my little knowledge.
it was interesting to read about the programs relating to astrology. however if a prior information about the forthcoming programs pertaining to astrology is given in yr newsletter, it may prompt and enable many people to attend such programs and derive immense benefit.
with profound regards to the newsletter team and hearty wishes for the happy new year and the days ahead.
MSSharma (Guest)
Good, explain more in India's context
Respected Sir
The article talks about 3/9 axis, Sun dasa of India. But let us step back a minute and analyze why India is a corrupt nation.
1. Is it Rahu afflicting the lagna closely without a benefit aspect?
2. A malefic Ju in its own star afflicting our karma (10th house). As Ju aspects 10th house in Indian Independence chart. Here Jupiter as a malefic 8th lord is not good afflicting 10th house. But as 11th lord of house of gains (corrupt or otherwise), it shows the rinanu bhandam (in 6th house), and everybody wants to be rich by hook or crook in a nation that talks about Sanatana Dharma.
3. Why is that even with a strong 3/9 axis, as a nation we are so corrupt?

I request KN Rao ji or Deepak Bisaria ji to please analyze this angle in a separate article.
Om (Guest)
Dear Sir,
Is it possible to explain the method/procedure of this unique 'Marma Chikitsa' and also how does it work ?
If so it would be very useful for almost everybody.
Sometimes I have a feeling that there is no desease or problem in this world without a suitable medicine or solution.And one has not to go anywhere in search of it.It is alreaedy with him/her.The only curtain is our ignorance.Not only this , as darkness is not actually opposite to light rather it is a condition when light is absent but since God ---the supreme bliss is omnipresent so darkness or disease or difficulty or distress or discomfort does not actually exist.The illusion of their beings exist.Medicine or knowledge removes this illusion and every thing is bright and beautiful then.
But as Lord Krishna said in Bhagvadgeeta that it is very very difficult to overcome His Maya.
And we keep on suffering.
But it is also a fact that when we suffer,we feel the pain---yes we do !
So medicine is definitely required ----in any form !
SP Gupta (Guest)
Not so good
News letter should contain all aspect of economy as well as current political issues and 9th house. It covers in details only 9th house but rulee or significator of 9th house is not there. Share marekt which is now a days mot wanted comments is not there. Political issue like JPC investigation perdiction is not there. Since it is last issue of the year ie Dec issue so new year 2011 should be covered in this issue in short.
Found: 5
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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