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ratna prakash (Guest)
10th house comprehensively
a superb article covering the 10th house comprehensively.
Khushdev Singla (Guest)
10th house well explained
Another masterpiece in this enlightening series run by Honorable Shri Deepak Bisaria Ji.As in kaliyuga one public image and profession is his Master Status in life so the 10th house gains it additional importance in this age.The article beautifully explained why we have multiple karkas for 10th house in this era of ' Post Modernity' a term coined by JEAN BAUDRILLARD.Also a wonderful insight is shared about the linkage of 8th with 10th in charts of politicians .This is a complete new perspective in the conventional domain of astrology.Sir, would request you to share some insights into the linkage of 10th with 5 and 8th house as the dogmas associated needs to wiped out from the minds of rational people.

Raghav Sharma (Guest)
excellant piece !Very Elaborately written!!
Guruu Deepakji, more I read it more I would like to delve into this !!
Rohit Singh (Guest)
Another Gem for the students of Astrology
Thank you sir for all your efforts to bring Astrology in clear light.
Ashwani Jagota (Guest)
10th house explanation is just wonderful.
Why not a small booklet is taken out on all 12 bhavas after you finish another 2 bhavas . Your efforts needs to be appreciated.

Similarly the exceptions in astrology can be discussed and explained which play a great role in predictions.

All the best.
S.P.Gupta (Guest)
Detailed focus on 10th Bhava
Excellent details on 10th House.I think you had rightly perdicted that share market shall touch new High in April,2011. We are heading ot that level is falling down now and it will start its upward journy in Febuary and touch new High in April as mentioned in previous news letter. You had also rightly perdicted about American economy which is showing sign of recovery.

I shall request Resp. Shri KN Rao to write detail note on what happenings accross the world.In India on corruption v survival of Government. In egypt movement for Democracy, Oil prices, China's policy v India, What astroly say on Indian Budget,2011 etc.
Rohit (Guest)
Correct Dasha ???
Bisaria Sir,

In most articles on this website, the horoscope of US has Moon dasha ending 13th October 2011. This is the one used by Rao saheb in his predictions. Not sure how Mars dasha is early per your calculation. Here's the dasha period from one of Shri Rao's article :

Mahadasha of Moon (13 October 2001), Antardashas beginning:
Moon 13 Oct 2001, Mars 14 Sept 2002, Rahu 15 March 2003, Jupiter 12 Sept 2004, Saturn 12 Jan 2006, Mer 14 Sept 2008, Ketu 12 Jan 2009,Venus 13 Sept 2009,ending 13 October 2011

Per above, Sun antardasha will start from 13th April 2011 till 13th October 2011. Note that Sun is AmK and in eighth house from Vrishchika dasha. You still stand on the claim of economic revival from April/ May 2011?

I am a layman in astrology but like to ask a lot of questions.
Your expert comments on this are greatly appreciated.
Found: 7
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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