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Raj (Guest)
I've an astrological question
Comparing Mumbai and Karachi both suffering from terror activities evn though the number of times may be heavier in Karachi. My question is their astrology of two cities in any way connected to their similar geographical locations around the arabian sea ports?
deven (Guest)
march 19th 2011

What are your predicitions for march 19th 2011, when the moon comes very close to the earth. Do you recommend any precautions?.

ratna prakash (Guest)
awsomw newsletter
its an awsome newsletter on astrology covering the events of the month taken place all around the world.
i thought of writing a feedback, but when i saw other feedbacks i found that everything has been covered and there id nothiong left for me. all i can say is kindly keep up the good work.
with profound regards & looking earnestly for the march issue which will complete the 12 houses journey.
Pankaj Mehra (Guest)
Antardasha of 11th lord (saturn) will not favourable for congress party in assembly elections
Respected Sir,Pranam & Charan Sparsh ! Assembly election in five states were announced yesterday. Congress party have Pisces lagna & A.D. of sat.(11th lord) will start from 14-4-2011. Earlier part of Saturn dasha (not later because it gives results of 12th Lord) will not give good result in State Election to Congress Party which will be held between 4th April to 10th May and counting will start from 13th May 2011. Double Transit will not favour the party. Gemini Chara Dasha Can-Can-Taurus & Aries from 29-3-11 to 18-5-11 will be running at that time. AMK Sun will not aspect on 10th House or P.D. Rashis (Taurus and Aries) at that time.
Om (Guest)
Astro- English !
Dear Deepak Ji,
It is said that trines & thereafter quadrants are good houses while trishadayas and dushtashanas are bad houses----but your interpretation of each & every house is just brilliant,worthreading & deserves to be preserved for any reference.
I anxously wait for your Newletter and when it is a bit delayed I become so eager.
However I request you that please throw some light on some relative placements of different bhavesh in the interpreted house and placements of its lord in different bhavas, as well, based on the researches of BVB & your own experience even in short, because even this simple & basic looking thing has quite a different and sometimes even contrast views in the astrological world.
For example: Suppose Sun,the 11L is posited in the Libra lagna in debilitation.Similarly when Mars,the 3L+8L for Virgo lagna is placed in the 11H in debilitation etc [keeping other factors like D-9,Vargas etc. not into consideration for the time being] !
Apart from this & above all I must greet you for your excellent English-----it is indeed very enjoyful going through your writings ! The flow & flowery,the plectrum & presentation and the intrinsic & innovative interpretation----alll makes it so awesome !!
Khushdev Singla (Guest)
11th house a highest kama house
11th house is a house of fulfillment of desires .It being both a highest of trik and kama house signifies that desires have a inverse relation with spirituality.But since we live in a material world some sort of material desires are held by everyone hence the house hold meaning in life of everyone.As explained in the article a well connected 11th leads to fulfillment of desires but can also lead one to madly run after desires.Article summaries this in a very good example of Alexander who in the end might have realized the futility of his voracious desire.Very subtly the article is pointing towards the vulnerability of human being to fall in trap of material triangle especially in this kalyuga.In Indian context this is especially true as there is Rahu in lagna of Independence and Republican horoscope of India.All in all a well written article with deep insightful meaning and lesson for everyone to learn about how to balance a mundane and spiritual life.
Monica (Guest)
Comprehensive analysis of 11 H!
The article was very insightful and provided a comprehensive analysis of 11 H significations, pitfalls, recovery through upchaya and onward journey towards moksha. The review of current affairs with an astrological perspective was very interesting.
Keshav Paliwal (Guest)
A indepth study of 11th nHouse
Classical principles of astrology interpreted in modern context is the quality of Shri Bisaria ji. Journey from 1st House to 11th House is very deep and informative.Article shows multi-dimensional study of 11th House.

Very high regards for Shri Bisaria ji
Deepak Bisaria (Guest)
A Clarificaation.Yes indeed there is a typographical error.Thanks for pointing it out. The corrected should read as " The logical explanation that emerges is that the 11th is the 9th from3rd.the bhagya (houseof fortune) for the 3rd house, a house of fructification of the efforts of the 3rd house"
MSSharma (Guest)
typo? pls check
(Webmaster: the typo mentioned below has been corrected, thanks)

"The logical explanation that emerges is that the 11th is the 10th from the 3rd, a house of fructification of the efforts seen of the 3rd house."
It appears this is a typo or Bisaria ji might have overlooked the mistake while proof reading.

10th house from third house is 12th. So many benefics in 12th house will give lot of wealth and dhan. 11th house is 9th from 3rd and will indicate the luck factor that one needs or help needed to succeed.
Found: 12
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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