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Found: 24
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Rakesh Goswami (Guest)
12 th house astrology
I am reading these articles from the last two years and found them to be very useful in predicting events nowadays. Contributors to these articles are making very hard work. kindly keep it up, I am appreciating this all and wants to contribute some text onKP Astrology, if permitted. If yes, when and how to send my writes. also, i am interested in KP astrology, kindly inform me which are your previous newsletters are having on KP astrology.

ratna prakash (Guest)
earnestly waiting for the june issue
respected i'm earnestly waiting for the june issue of the news letter which is gonna start the series on 9 planets. my request also to kindly inform abou the upcoming events like seminar etc in astrology, so that the interested people may avail of the benefit by attending them.
Vijay (Guest)
The details on 12H is quite good and lucid. Some more snippets can be made mention of, like venus in 12H, loss of spouse. What I term them as " first look comments".

Other wise the article is good.
raghav (Guest)
Excellent Guruji !!

raman kumar (Guest)
I read all the articles. these are very nicely crafted in detail.

J.S>Bawa (Guest)
A long journey with stops at fascinating facets of life dealing with the 12th house, brilliantly captured. From worldly place to spiritual space!
Badri (Guest)
Good one.

About pre destination and Free will..

Swami Vivekanda stated...
As will is phenomenon of cause and effect, the free will is not free. But there is something behind the will which is free.

To throw some light to it...the cause conceals the effect and the effect reveals the cause thats the mystery of life.

To add more..the free behind the will is love=God=Atman=Paramatman. Since we are influenced by our senses & false ego we talk in trems of humans, religion and atman. Once ego dies when senses die Atman=Paramatman=Love=God.
ratna prakash (Guest)
a good teaching in mundane astrology
in the day to day life, we tend to forget about the mundane astrology. the present newsletter is a very good teaching in mundane astrology clarifying the principles with the examples all around us, particularly. this has created my interest in mundane astrology as it must have done for others.
i had been regularly opening the site but was dissappointed not to find the newsletter for march. but ultimately the combined issue of march and april has more than off set the missing of march issue.
looking forward to the series on 9 planets in the inimitable style of bisaria sir..
with gr8 regards and thanx.
Krishnan (Guest)
astrology query on Kate
Could you analyze princess Kate's chart and explain how her chart transformed her from a commoner to a royalty. One thing to keep in mind is that even as a commoner she was more like a royal in the sense that her parents were millionaires and NOT ordinary middle class commoner. So only in name and ancestry she was a commoner but in real life born into a commoner family she
was already leaning towards royalty. Anyway readers I am sure would be interested in Kate's chart analysis due to the current events ie. her marriage to
Prince Williams etc.
AJ (Guest)
Very well written
12th house explanation is very good. Connection of 12th from Lagna, Moon and Sun is a combination of name, fame, a good research has already been published in the JOA with examples.

Found: 24
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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