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yogesh bhatt (Guest)
informtivein the modern context
I liked the information ivenin this wouldbe beter if some badsic and principles of astroogy i themodern context are also given in thenewsleter
chaity (Guest)
It takes strength...weaklings cannot be powerful
It is a strong belief of Rao sir, which has made us students take a stand against the wrong ways of remedial measures and resort to short cuts.It is true mind is the most powerful tool and nothing apart from prayer works to empower the mind to face the challenges of life.

To read the mind and guide a person is what Vedic Astrologer does only after he himself is clear in his heart.

Rao Sir, my humble pranaams to you.

Lovely article indeed.
ratna prakash (Guest)
another brilliant piece of writing in astrology
how true are the words "Vedic Astrology can Read your Psyche from the Moon and the 5th house".
i was startled in the beginning to tell the nature of a person based upon the placement of and influences on the moon, which later on became a routine.
t my mind, moon is the most important planet on any person's horoscope. the psyche and the thinking process of a person can make him realise the potential of his horoscope.
kudos to writing such an exhaustive article on moon along with covering the other day to day activities analysing them astrologically.
earnestly looking forward to the next issue of the newsletter.
with profound regards.
girraj sharan (Guest)
yore discussion on moon implies hidden aspect of coming moon world economy which usually comes to notice of world in july to october.
anil aggarwala (Guest)
Most Informative Article
The article is very informative and show how to use astrology for Mundane activities
T. M (Guest)
Very excellent reasearch provided. Please, keep up the good work on spirituality! Thank you my regards to Mr. Rao.

manisha (Guest)
A very informative article!
all the topics are very well written.
Vijay (Guest)
Good article.
Deep insight has been brought out. Interesting points were mentioned about moon. Very informative and knowlegable.
T.R>Kapoor (Guest)
very very informative please accept my bouquet TRK

Bhawna Singh (Guest)
Incredibly interesting
The most interesting newsletter ever...the writer is very creative and absolutely original in his ideas! A brilliant piece of writing, I thoroughly enjoyed every word of it. Everything is so beautifully and simply explained....The Moon has never been described so passionately ever before !! Absolutely outstanding!!
Found: 12
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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