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ratna prakash (Guest)
mesmerising piece of writing on murcurry.
it trully is a mesmerising piece of writing on mercurry in astrology. i read it 3 times. every time i got new meanings.
mer-moon or moon-mercurry dasas are really different as i have seen from practical life.
all thanx to u sir for so much painstaking efforts despite yr busy schedule.
regards and best wishe for forthcoming dasahera festival on which i am looking forward to some interesting writing.
loveindia (Guest)
Will Dr Subramnian Swamy be PM ever ?
Pranam Guruji,
Requesting you to please look into horoscope of dr subramanian swamy whether he will become PM of india or not.
Rohit (Guest)
Economic Analysis
Your economic analysis does not reflect the current state of the affairs. All this time I have been reading that the economy will improve from April 2011 Markets have had a turbulent time in the last couple of months. Not sure if your analysis of improvement means Stocks going higher OR reduction in unemployment. Both dont go hand in hand.
Plus, your analysis is contrary to what Rao saheb has predicted for the coming times.
guest (Guest)
Not so sure
About USA economy improving from Sept '11, not so sure. Though Obama may bring about some policies etc., to make needed reforms in the economic structure which would bring about positive outcome in the economic growth, yet for all that to materialize, it would take a few more years atleast, practically speaking (looking at the present financial/economic scenario of USA).
Monica (Guest)
Excellent Article
The significations of Mercury were lucidly explained.
S.K.Raswant, Jyotish Vishard, KPSARI (Guest)
Exceptionally good article
The role of Mercury has been nicely depicted. The recent happenings in India have been beautifully explained with respect to its horoscope ( some of the events in advance). The whole thing makes sense . Kudos to the science of Astrology & its mentor & patron-the great rev, K.N.Rao. My respectful regards.
Shankar Hegde (Guest)
Bisariaji, A very nice article!

Bhawna Singh (Guest)
Brilliant newsletter!
A very interesting, crisp, refreshing and informative piece of writing. All facets of Mercury so beautifully portrayed.... Brilliant newsletter!
Found: 8
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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